Improve Your YouTube Channel Ranks With View Counts

People are aware that having a high YouTube channel ranking is the best way to increase sales online. More people visit YouTube than any other website in the world. The number of visitors on YouTube is an astounding 115 million, and every minute more than one billion people use YouTube.

In order to reach the same level of popularity as other sites, you need to have viewers who view your videos for a long time. Increasing your YouTube view counts will definitely get you some good visitors who come back to see what you have to offer. Here are some important things you should look for when trying to increase your view counts.

Number of views - the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a very high number of views for your videos. This number should be at least two hundred and fifty. You can test it out by simply inviting other people to watch your videos. These people will tell you how many views you have.

The more views you have, the more visitors you will get, and the more repeat viewers you will get. When you keep this in mind, it will make it easier for you to figure out what is working and what is not.

Time of day - What time of day does your viewer go to YouTube? These are some of the major things that will affect the number of views you will get on YouTube.

It is the most obvious reason, and you should keep in mind that people prefer to view videos at the right time. So if your video is playing on the first thing in the morning, they will not visit your channel.

Number of comments - If you have comments, you will get more viewers. However, comments must be short and simple. You should keep in mind that the best comments are those that talk about your product or service in details.

More clicks - These two things are very important, because they determine how well your video is picked up by search engines and click bots. Most people who click on a link, they do it because they find a great product or service, not because they found a great website. A good website can improve your Click Rate.

Video length - The length of your video has nothing to do with your YouTube channel ranking. People who visit YouTube are looking for interesting information and they do not care about your videos. So you can either post them in several minutes or just make them short and sweet.

Upload videos quickly - As soon as you see the comments from viewers, it is very important that you upload a video within the next hour. If you wait, the comments will go away and no one will notice it.

Number of videos - You can also upload many videos to YouTube. The higher the number of videos you upload, the better and faster your video will be picked up by viewers.

Links - Remember that when you add a link to your video, this is only going to attract more viewers. The longer the link, the better.

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