A Closer Look At History by Seth Meyer

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A Closer Look At History by Seth Meyer

The film The Circle is based on the book by Seth Michaels. In The Circle Mr. Michaels takes us back in time to ancient Rome, during the time of Emperor Nero. There he shows us how the Romans once used the Colosseum as a stage for their theater productions. These productions were mostly plays based around Greek myths and legends. The movie traces the journey of two characters as they travel from their home to the Colosseum and back again.

The movie starts with a beautiful scene as the Colosseum is being rebuilt. Two girls are walking along when suddenly a young boy comes running up. He is carrying a large cake which he is baking. The two girls try to stop him but he runs away with the cake.

The next few minutes of the movie reveals that not only did the couple get separated but also the boy and his father were enemies. The other guests at the festival noticed this and they all looked at the cake. The parents tried to stop the two girls but they simply ran off with the cake. That was followed by the mother of one of the guests trying to stop the mother of the couple from leaving with the cake, but she too soon gave up.

We then follow a group of people who were drunk and disorderly. They were trying to steal the Emperor’s gold and they failed. They ended up getting locked in a warehouse until someone let out a guard who took them to the guards quarters. This was where things started to go wrong.

The next few minutes to show us more of the horrible undercurrents that are Roman culture. The guards showed little or no concern for the women and children. The children were treated like crap and even worse. The mother of one of the guests was raped before being sold into slavery. Her husband was told of her experience by a slave who was present at the auction. It appears that the crowd had a definite idea of what they were doing.

This was just one example of how A Close Look at History has shown us that history can be used to our advantage and not be manipulated by those who would benefit from the outcome. The same thing can be said for today. Certain groups, movements, and individuals use history to their own benefit and they try to rewrite the events. Many people are very knowledgeable about various topics and they can use this knowledge to help shape the future.

It is important to remember that A Close Look at History by Seth Meyer isn’t a “one size fits all” book. It isn’t a text book that simply tells you what to do. It isn’t even a Bible on the history side either. It is much more than that, it is a guide for understanding the world around you and how different forces can have different affects upon events.

If you want to learn a lot more than just a little bit about the history of the United States, this is definitely the book for you. It takes a look deeper into the past and into areas that most people don’t even consider. History can be used to your advantage and when you understand that there are different ways to interpret different events, you will be able to make decisions that could have far reaching consequences. Take A Close Look at History by Seth Meyer and learn a lot more than just the history you read in school.