A Haunting YouTube Video

You probably remember the YouTube video about a haunting YouTube channel, where a man walked up to a camera and began talking about a recent mall incident. You can almost hear the horror stories and the voice over says, “You better not watch this, it’s disturbing.” That video went viral within days, and there was a lot of negative feedback to the mall from customers who had been in the mall at the time of the incident. People were talking about how scary the walking dead person was, as if this particular YouTube clip wasn’t real.

a haunting youtube

So then, why have so many people commented on the YouTube video about the haunted mall? Well, a lot of people are afraid of the dark, and they are afraid of the paranormal. The YouTube video is a compilation of scary or haunting videos from across the internet. A lot of them are from YouTube channels, where ordinary people document their frightening experiences at popular theme parks or other amusement parks. You can find a link to most of these videos on a special section of YouTube called “Videos Where People Share Scary Experiences”.

A haunting video is usually accompanied by a sound track that further adds to the fright factor. Some of these scary sounds include, screams, laughter, a banging noise, water and more. Some of the videos take a quick shot of a single item in the scene, as if the paranormal or haunting spirit is taking a physical form. This adds to the fright factor, as you know the video recorder isn’t moving, so it captures the action exactly when it occurs.

The YouTube channel that featured the above video is called Haunted Places. If you search for haunted places on YouTube this one will come up in the first page. This is a place where you can watch real people telling their horror stories about their encounters with the unknown. It has become wildly popular in a very short period of time. People all over the world have been sharing their experiences on this site from all over the world.

There are also several other videos on the haunted house YouTube channel. Some of them are simply ordinary videos that show the everyday happenings at the haunted house. They do not give any supernatural explanation or appeal. But there are several videos that feature a real haunting experience. These real haunting videos are terrifying because they show the victim looking at their own body after being attacked or seeing a ghost at the haunted house.

So, if you want a good haunting video to watch on YouTube then you need to find a good haunted house video to watch. I have found a number of videos on there that have great sound, acting and a real creepy experience to them. Some are just ordinary scenes at the haunted house. But if you want a truly terrifying experience then look at the one on the right. This one shows the victim after walking along a dark path, just reaching the end, the camera pans up to reveal a figure in the darkness.

The next video shows a man dressed in all black approaching a woman while she is alone at home. The caption beneath the picture says: “She is alone at her house. And here comes someone who won’t let her go”. Can you see what I am getting at here? The unseen attacker is actually seen by the woman, it is the third and last in a series of violent threats she receives.

You can see for yourself how a haunting YouTube can affect your mood. It can make you feel helpless and vulnerable. It can make you feel like you can’t do anything about the situation. But you don’t have to suffer alone. You can find help with a haunting YouTube video.