A New angle On PTSD and Alcoholism Help

A number of people have asked me if I would recommend Will From Survive, a video documentary by Kevin Dunn. If you are not familiar with it, Will From Survive is a story of a young boy who survived being burned alive in the oven. It is very graphic and disturbing. Many parents have been criticizing the movie and state that it glorifies violence.

will from survivor youtube

But do not worry! There are many other positive and uplifting videos on YouTube that may be just as disturbing. I would definitely encourage parents to search them out. In my own opinion, the one in Will From Survivor is the most disturbing. It depicts a person in a hopeless and cruel situation, so he makes a decision to take his own life.

The unfortunate part is that we have to watch these videos in order to know how bad things can get if we ignore our kids. These videos also give us an idea how difficult it can be raising a child who is so sensitive and innocent. These videos inspire parents to do more around the home to prevent such tragedy from happening. Some positive reviews of Will From Survivor have stated that it changed their views about child safety.

Will From Survivor was created by Kevin Dunn, who is well known for his inflammatory and confrontational interviews. He has also created many controversial videos about religion and politics. Mr. Dunn is not a stranger to controversial topics. His previous video “Religious Hate” received widespread attention due to its controversial material. His reputation is excellent in the online community.

Will From Survivor is no exception. The video shows a young boy brutally murdered by two men because he did not approve of their religion. There are many videos like these on YouTube, so you know there is plenty to choose from. This one is no exception.

The subject of violence towards children is a very real and serious issue. This YouTube video simply attempts to illustrate how easy it is for young people to get involved in this type of activity. There are many instances when adults try to convince kids to remain home during certain religious events or talk about how much they love their parents, but when kids are confronted with real violence they often do as they please and no one is there to stop them. Even adults can become violent when they are being manipulated by someone else.

You can almost hear the parents in the background crying. Will From Survivor does an amazing job of explaining what happened during the attack and what caused it to happen. The video shows where the assault occurred, how many people were attacked and how many people survived. It is extremely disturbing and it makes you think about the situation. People tend to look for answers in these kinds of violent situations and this one provides it.

As you probably can tell, Will From Survivor is more than just another YouTube video. It is an attempt by an individual to draw awareness to some very real and serious issues surrounding the world of human violence. The individual has gone so far as to create a documentary detailing his or her own personal account of surviving a sexual assault. This is no ordinary story and it certainly deserves some attention. Perhaps we should all watch and share this particular story before it fades into oblivion.

The story begins with Will From Survivor talking about his experience on the first night of his life after the assault. He was able to recall the image of the assailant and what he said to him. The memory brought back the images of the panic he felt, the feeling that everything around him was unreal, the fear he felt. He was a very emotional wreck as he told the story, but he was also remarkably calm and composed.

He went on to talk about how he ended up paralyzed from the neck down. This left him unable to walk but he found comfort in knowing that others would not have to see him like that. He was taken to a psychotherapist and while he was there she helped him develop coping techniques that would help him live his life. He talked about his struggle with alcoholism and his feelings of loneliness. He also talked about how he wanted to save money to send his son to college. He ended his speech with the words “I’m on my way to becoming a super hero”.

Will From Survivor YouTube is a testament to how life can be turned upside down when you least expect it. It’s great to hear about experiences that many people will never have and it helps you understand and appreciate what life has to offer. Will From Survivor is well aware of the issues that face people post traumatic stress and alcohol addictions. He is fully prepared to share his story with anyone who will listen.