A Peek Inside YouTube

The YouTube website is an amazing creation. Every single day, people all around the world flock to this site in search of the latest and greatest. Unfortunately, not everyone is responsible enough to make good use of this website. If you’re one of those people who wastes their time on YouTube, here are a few tips to help you get a peek inside YouTube. You’ll be amazed at all the cool stuff that you can find!

a peek inside youtube

The first thing that you should do is find the main channel on YouTube. This will be the “home” page on the site. From there, you’ll want to click on the link that says “watch video”. It will take you to the site’s home page. You can also access the “search box” at the top right of the screen.

While you’re in the search box, you’ll notice that there are two different ways for you to navigate through videos. The left side of the window has the words “Video” and “Music”. Below those words is a small button with a plus sign. Clicking that button will take you to a search field where you can type in keywords relevant to your videos.

You’ll notice that when you click on search, a list of results will be displayed. At the very top of the result is the word “Video”. If you don’t see any videos that you want, don’t worry. You can always search for a specific video by typing its title or keyword.

After clicking search, you’ll be shown a few videos. At the very bottom you’ll see the word “Music”. This tells you that the video can play music. To hear the music, you just click play. If the video doesn’t play, you’ll need to click stop and re-start the video. YouTube supports both flash and HTML.

There are two tabs at the top of the screen. The first is the search tab. In here you type whatever you’re looking for and the video will show up in the list of results. You can also scroll to the right to see the newest videos on the site. The second tab is where you bookmark your favorites. Every time you find a video that you like, you can bookmark it so you can watch it again!

When you’re viewing a video on YouTube, you’ll have a choice of two different navigation paths. The left hand navigation wheel will change to a menu bar as you scroll through the videos. At the top of this menu bar you have a choice of viewing different categories. Most of the sites allow you to choose from music, sports, news, beauty and technology. The only category that YouTube does not offer currently is “Movies”. Other than that, the search and list navigation should be self explanatory.

So how do you get a peek inside YouTube? Search for your favorite video and click the “Open” button at the bottom of the screen. Then you can start watching! !

Another way to get a peek inside YouTube is to use their RSS feed. Every time a new video is added to the site, an RSS feed is created. You can use this feed to keep yourself informed about new videos! All you need to do is install an account with YouTube and create your own feed. You’ll receive an email notification when a new video has been updated.

A third way to get a peek inside YouTube is to use their search engine. You may have already used their search engine when you search for your favorite YouTube videos. To use their search engine, all you need to do is create a simple web browser. Once your browser has been installed and set up, type the name of the video you want to view in the search box. If YouTube doesn’t have it, YouTube recommends a list of videos that may have similar titles or descriptions.

Once you click on search, a list of related videos will be generated. Click on any of the links to view the video. If YouTube doesn’t have it, YouTube suggests a list of related videos that may have similar titles or descriptions.

It’s not too difficult to get a peek inside YouTube. In fact, I can guarantee you that once you start using YouTube, you’ll want to explore all of their awesome features! In my opinion, YouTube is one of the best sites on the Internet. Their simplicity makes it easy to find just about anything you want to see. Even if you only have a basic understanding of search engines, I’m sure you’ll find YouTube helpful.