Can You Get a Virus From YouTube?

can you get a virus from youtube

Can You Get a Virus From YouTube?

You may have been wondering can you get a virus from YouTube and the answer is yes. The question though is how and why? Well, first of all we need to know what a virus is and then we will go on to understand how and why you would want one. You see, a virus is an infectious agent that spreads from one system to another without your knowledge.

Now how do viruses infect your computer and if you are not watching videos on YouTube then chances are you are vulnerable to a virus attack. Most viruses spread through downloads or programs that you download from the internet. If your computer is infected then you will most likely see pop up messages that say something like this:

“Cannot open YouTube. The file you are trying to download is either corrupted or unknown.” This could quite possibly occur when your computer attempts to execute a particular video file. It could also happen if you accidentally click on an ad that is attempting to load on your computer screen.

This is why it is very important to make sure you know exactly what you are doing when downloading a video from YouTube. If you are unsure of the website or URL then you should always double check before proceeding. Just to be on the safe side so you can always be protected.

So can you get a virus from YouTube? Yes, and with the countless number of pop up windows that appear every time you try to execute a particular file this is very easy. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure your computer is safe and not at risk for a virus to get on your PC. First of all, you should never click on any pop up windows that attempt to download a file from YouTube.

These pop ups that you see trying to download something from YouTube will almost always be fake. They are made by hackers to steal information from your computer. If they try to get you to buy a product or subscription to something then they are probably the real deal and you should ignore them. But if you get a message like “You have been infected with a malicious program” then you need to get rid of the virus immediately.

The problem is that most people just delete the YouTube video right away thinking it’s the end of the world. However, you should not do this because there might still be problems lurking within it. What you need to do is get some reliable antivirus software which will not only remove the fake YouTube video but all other viruses as well. This can easily be done by searching for this type of software online. Once you find a good list of antivirus software that you want to use, you can download and install them onto your computer. After that, it’s very important that you scan your entire system for any viruses or anything else that could be lurking in your hard drive.

After doing this, you can rest easy knowing that your entire system is clean, no more fake files and everything is running correctly again. In fact, after installing the antivirus software on your system, you can forget about it since you won’t be getting any new infections. You can use the free scans available online, and these scans should get rid of all viruses in your system. If you want to get a video back online, all you have to do is re-download the file. This should work perfectly and will ensure that you can get your video back in an instant.