Can You See Who Watched Your Video Online?

can you see who watched your youtube video

Can You See Who Watched Your Video Online?

So, you think you can see who watched your YouTube video. You know the video was recorded but you can’t quite find out who did it. Have a little peek at the video and try to identify where it would be a good place to look for the name of the person who recorded that video.

Try using the search box on YouTube. If you can’t seem to find anything you can do a search on keywords such as “could” or” youtube” plus the person’s name. This should bring back any hits. The search results will also tell you where the YouTube videos were recorded. In most cases you’ll be able to see the exact location. So, if you’re on YouTube and can’t find what you are looking for you may wish to try one of the following methods.

Start off by searching for the username of the user who uploaded the video. YouTube has a search bar that you can use to search for a particular username. All you have to do is type in the username followed by /watch/ and the video will come up. Try typing the username in quotes as YouTube will try to match the username to the video if it’s known.

Search YouTube for the user’s name and see if this brings any results. If you don’t find the username, you may have to do a little digging. For example, if you have an account with YouTube channels you can try to login to the relevant one and see if they have any recordings of the user. There are several reasons why YouTube videos can be omitted from searches. However, if you can’t see the user’s name then you can’t do anything.

You can also try out the video summary. When YouTube videos get updated they are sent across the net via RSS feeds. This means that your old video can appear across the web if you have RSS feed enabled. So if you have an account with YouTube then you can check if there are any new videos showing that you weren’t able to watch on the original channel. You can then follow the link to the new clip and watch it.

Use Google to see if you can find similar results. There is a tool called Mp3 quiz which you can use to compare similar results with YouTube. YouTube is obviously much bigger and better, so it may take more searches to find you what you’re looking for. However, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous then you can certainly give it a go. There are several sites on the internet which you can sign up for which will then give you access to their own video searchable database.

See if you can find YouTube in your results. There should be a section at the bottom of the page called YouTube Search. Simply click on it will take you to a search form to complete. Enter in whatever search term you want YouTube to return results for. If you can see any results at all from YouTube, then you can be confident that you can find out who has viewed your video online.

It’s that simple. You don’t need to have loads of experience or skills to be able to carry out this search. I actually did it when I first thought about doing this. You can only make sense of the results if you know where to look. Once I found out how easy it was and how effective it is, I started using it on a regular basis. It’s now one of my favourite tools to use when I want to identify people who have looked at my videos!