Will From Survivor

“Will From Survivor” is a documentary that tells the story of a young woman, identified as Angel, who was in a terrible car accident in Florida and emerged unscathed. The accident itself was brutal and quick, with the car careening off the road and smashing into a tree. There were no survivors. Her father was driving the car and did not stop in time, leaving his daughter to fend for herself. Will suffered major injuries, including her head being severed by the shattered windshield and severed arm. She had no way of saving it other than to fend for herself … Read more

Top Survivor YouTube Videos – Episode 11 – Will From Survivor Reveal His Hidden Secret?

Top Survivor YouTube Videos – Episode 11 – Will From Survivor Reveal His Hidden Secret? “Will From Survivor” is the first season ten premiere of the hit reality series The Amazing Race. Will has been chosen over twelve others in a raffle to represent the home team in the annual Bass Masters competition. Will’s competitor is Benincasa, and he is competing for the second spot on the team, above Adam. Although he is a rookie at the competition, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he isn’t up to the task, and his lack of experience is what … Read more

Getting Information From The Will From Survivor YouTube Channel

Getting Information From The Will From Survivor YouTube Channel The Will From Survivor is an excellent series of videos. It shows the effects of war. It also gives a glimpse of what the military does to those who have been fighting it out. I have seen the video and I have to say that it was very graphic. My sister has told me that she thought that some of it was not quite as graphic as it should be. But, I’m sure that you will agree that there is no other video like the one posted on YouTube. There are … Read more

Will From Survivor: Special Edition 1 – Introduction

Will From Survivor: Special Edition 1 – Introduction “Will from Survivor” is an incredibly moving short film about a young woman who must deal with the loss of both her parents and her younger brother while in the process of making an important discovery. The movie itself has some excellent visual qualities, but it also deals with some disturbing issues, especially towards the end. It pulls no punches when it comes to telling graphic and sometimes upsetting stories about death and the aftermath. But after the unexpected reveal at the end, the viewer might not see the footage as anything … Read more

Will From Survivor: YouTube Phenomenon

Will From Survivor is an award winning short film that you can find on YouTube. It tells the story of a young girl who survived a drowning incident at a small fishing village. The fisherman who rescued her had no idea what he was doing and the village people thought he was trying to save more lives by flushing the girl down the river. You can see the emotional moment when the man looks up to the water and realizes there is no one else in the water. As the seconds count down, you start to see Will struggling to … Read more

Experience True Terror With Will From Survivor

Experience True Terror With Will From Survivor If you’ve seen Will from Survivor, you know he’s a likable, humorous guy. But did you know that most of the people who watch his videos aren’t even related to the show? There are many fans out there that really appreciate his unique sense of humor and style of telling stories. And, it’s not like he’s making it up to keep people entertained. In fact, the stories he shares with viewers are true events that he’s personally experienced. A lot of his followers wonder if they can get away with making their own … Read more

Video of a Massive Traffic Accident

Did you know that there is a Will From Survivor YouTube video clip featuring the testimony of an amateurish camera crew who attempted to film law enforcement officials during a fatal traffic accident in Riverside, California? Apparently these amateurish video crew were part of a group called Save The Lives. They claim in their video that they were just doing some investigative reporting and accidentally caught a cop in the act of negligence while making a traffic stop. Their story sounds pretty logical, doesn’t it? It involves an amateurish movie crew that was unwittingly filmed by the police. Well if … Read more

How to Get the Information That You Need to Survive When You Are In a Survival Kit

You may be wondering if Will From Survivor can help you recover from your wounds. The answer is ABSOLUTELY yes! The video clip is so gripping, it will make you want to know what happened and why you were thrown out of the raft. In the description of the video, Will From Survivor tells how he escaped unscathed after his wife’s death but found himself alone and abandoned on an island with no water or food. It appears that life aboard the raft was tough, so why did he suffer so much? Will From Survivor shows a bit of his … Read more

Mass Shooter Video Highlights – Will From Survivor

Mass Shooter Video Highlights – Will From Survivor “Will from Survivor” is a video from YouTube that was made by someone who survived a mass shooting at a school. This video has received over two million views and is gaining more everyday. You see in the video, a little boy says goodbye to his teacher and walks away as a blood spatter appears on his leg. The teacher then runs after the child saying something to the effect of “you’re going to die today”. The child then runs towards a bullet-riddled area in the school, which is being cleaned up … Read more

Will From Survivor YouTube Videos Have an Effect on Your Viewing?

“Will From Survivor” is a short film introducing us to a new character that we will meet in the upcoming horror genre movies. The character is played by Jacob Lofland, who is an escaped slave. He is one of the few survivors of an airplane crash that took the lives of all those on board. As he slowly regains his composure, we learn that he has become a master of survival. With the help of his friend, a giant spider, he searches the wreckage of the plane for items that can be used as weapons and uses them to fend … Read more