Crime Watch Daily: Does the Police Show Up Everyday on Your Crime Watch?

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Crime Watch Daily: Does the Police Show Up Everyday on Your Crime Watch?

It seems that when there is a crime on the news or in the papers there is a mass amount of Crime Watch Daily YouTube videos going around. The question is do these videos to help solve crimes? On one hand it would seem that they have been proven to at least reduce crime, which would be good for a local police department. On the other hand some police officers disagree, stating that the crime watch videos are actually a hindrance to solving crimes. This is because the criminals and offenders know that the police are watching them and this can make them act even more suspicious.

A crime watch member should be careful about what type of YouTube videos he or she watches. While most of these videos are well watchable, there are a few that will cause even the most experienced criminal to become more cautious. Some of these videos show muggers in the act of robbing a victim and the victim are able to stop the crime. Then, as the mugger flees the scene another mugger arrives with two more armed criminals.

These two criminals then rob the first victim and run away to safety. The police then shows up and arrest the mugger who tried to flee. The crime watch member at this point saw two criminals being apprehended and the one who tried to mug the police officer got away. He or she then sees that one of the criminals was taken into custody while the police officer was given a citation.

The police officer in this example was more than a willing participant in these activities. This is the type of behavior that should make any police officer to fear for their own safety and the safety of the public. However it does not seem to be enough for crime watch members to just sit there and watch. Instead they take matters into their own hands by attempting to apprehend these criminals themselves. This could be dangerous and unprofessional and the police should be more careful.

Many of the YouTube videos that show crime watch members assisting police are tense and dramatic. However, these acts of police support are meant to show how well crime watch groups work together and how a partnership between police and crime watch can help bring down crime numbers across the country. These types of videos are important for the public to understand. They need to see the police actually saving lives and stopping criminals, rather than making life difficult for them.

There are times when the YouTube videos will contain words such as “shots fired” and “another suspect shot”. These types of language are damaging to the trust between police and citizens. If the public believes police are indiscriminately shooting people, stopping cars, or using excessive force in apprehending criminals, then they will have distrust. This is not good for a working relationship between police and the public. Crime watch members should be careful when they are watching. This may not be the best thing to watch.

The police are not perfect and police officers get injured on a daily basis. Some of the injuries can be serious and some can be less severe. This is why it is crucial that people remain calm and listen to what the police officer has to say. Even if they do not see anything or hear anything on the YouTube video that they have seen, they are still allowed to call the police department and have an official report filed, as is their right.

People should know that they can trust the police, but they cannot trust crime watch. This system and all criminal justice systems are not perfect. However, this system has been shown to reduce crime in some areas quite significantly. This should be done as a precautionary measure, but not every day, because then it would become redundant and the police would be seen as overdoing it.