Does YouTube Have Stock Videos?

Have you ever surfed YouTube to see what is the latest news on the stock market? There are many websites that have a daily highlight of some of the biggest and best movers and shakers in the world. But, are these the same folks who post the same stock market videos on YouTube as well? If so, you are not alone.

does youtube have stock

Recently I looked at two of the most popular stock related YouTube videos and found out that they had been viewed over seven million times. That is quite a bit of exposure for them. I was surprised to find out that neither of them actually showed any footage of the actual stock pick that was being discussed. Neither one of them showed a clear photo of a particular stock or highlighted any of the positive or negative comments on a stock. They just promoted the stock in the video and left viewers hanging for more. After all, this is YouTube and the viewer wants to be entertained right?

There are a lot of reasons why a stock video on YouTube will not help you with your stock picking. First, there is no way for you to gauge the effectiveness of your video based upon how it has been received by the viewer. The only way you can determine this is if you do actually watch the video and take notes as you listen to what is being said. Chances are, if you are actively listening to the video, you will know what it is you hear. However, if you do not pay attention, then you really have no way of judging the value of the stock shown in the video.

With all that said, does YouTube have stock videos that actually discuss and analyze market movements and the trends they are leading to? Yes, and they are called trading videos. These are the types of videos that give information to the casual stock trader as well as the more advanced technical analysis investors.

Some of the top stock videos on YouTube have been extremely successful in gaining high viewership ratings. One such video has achieved more than a million views in only a few days. This particular stock video analyzes the famous stock performance of the year 2021. It begins by giving an overview of what happened during that year and goes into great detail about the stock market as a whole. The video is very educational and even provides charts that show the fluctuations that took place throughout the stock market year.

Another highly watched stock video on YouTube is one by Chris Carpenter. This one discusses the book entitled “The Wounding Effect: How Any One Person Can Dominate the Stock Market,” by Christopher Carpenter. This book talks about how people can make money by understanding the psychological aspects of the stock market. Chris Carpenter also utilizes a stock trading simulation to help investors decide what stocks to pick. The simulation uses information from the past to guide future stock picks.

Another highly watched video on YouTube that provides information to the investor is one by Johnmark Baran. This one shows off the use of technical analysis in choosing stocks for the stock market. Johnmark Baran claims that investors can become very wealthy just by picking the right stocks and predicting which will perform well in the stock market.

Other videos that are extremely popular include those discussing the strategies that stock traders use to profit on the stock market. Some of these videos have millions of views in a short period of time. You can find a number of these videos on the YouTube website. The best part about these videos is that they provide real time information on the actual stock market. This is a huge advantage over videos that are promoted on blogs or other websites because the stock market is actually being discussed in real time in these videos.