Don’t Buy Obama’s Video – Don’t Buy Obama’s Knives

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Don’t Buy Obama’s Video – Don’t Buy Obama’s Knives

Recently Don Gonzales, former Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, made some controversial comments on the YouTube video site. In one of his statements, he referred to the current gun control debate as a “phony debate”. That prompted an outburst from Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In fact, she said, “If Don’t we all just remember that the other day on TV, the Majority Leader said that Congress cannot pass a REAL gun bill because it will not be popular. Interesting comments indeed.”

In a related vein, someone on YouTube commented on the Senator’s YouTube video and asked, “What is it with these guys and their flattery and self-aggrandizement on YouTube? Is this how they run their political campaigns? No way!”

As if that wasn’t enough, in the same video, Don cited the brands of Smith and Wesson, Remington and Case Knives as being threats to the Republicans and Democrats in the next Presidential Election. In one of his last State of the Nation speeches as a candidate for President, he also brought up the brand name politics again and mentioned how he was an advocate for gun control. Well, the brand knives are not the only ones that have political ramifications for the candidates. There’s the infamous “case knife” issue that made its way to the forefront of the news due to Democratic National Chairman and Virginia Senator Robert Kennedy’s personal association with the manufacturer of the legal knife in the JFK Library. We won’t get into the political horse-shoring of this story, but I thought it interesting to point out the connections between the political machine and the makers of case knives.

Okay, so, let’s look at the recent imbroglio over the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to inspect certain politicians’ emails? First, let’s look at what the FBI did: The FBI routinely inspects people’s private documents under the guise of protecting the American People from National Security threats. In this case, the fictitious reason was to see whether or not these particular politicians were using secret email addresses to schemers the government. The Inspectors General sent a letter to the Inspector General, stating that their request for information was a misuse of authority and an abuse of procedure, leading to the cancellation of their inspection request.

If the real goal was to get dirt on those who wish to harm the United States of America and we as citizens of the free world, this move by the FBI is perfectly understandable. However, the mere fact that they chose to go after brand knives makes me wonder, “Why the Brand Knives?” Who are they trying to protect us from? We’re just talking about the law here folks, and it’s not about war or peace, it’s just about the safety of the American People.

Now then, I suppose there are some individuals out there who have an interest in seeing how the Busse Combat Knife Company of America conducts their business, and maybe even wish to engage in illegal business practices, but that’s kind of a stretch. The fact that someone released a YouTube video, with a title of” assassinate Obama” with those knives in it, that’s just over the top. To insinuate that somehow we need to have a War and you can buy those knives, and if we ever had a problem with terrorists or people engaged in terrorist activities, well you see my answer; no. That’s not why we have the Department of Justice. It’s not really to scare the American people, although it sure could be interesting to watch the various lawyers, political pundits, and the media talking heads attempt to spin this into a storyline worthy of a Hollywood movie script.

Okay, so let’s talk about this for second shall we? You see, there are some interesting things about the Federal Trade Commissions attempt to attack brands of knives as being dangerous to our society, as opposed to brands that political pundits, and the usual suspects in the United State government are typically involved in promoting. You see, there is a certain irony when you consider all the problems that we have with identity theft in the country today, and then you look at brands like Coach, Ginseng, and other brands which actually promote safety, and self-defense in the true sense of the word, along with protecting the weak from the strong, and that’s pretty much what the brand knives offer the consumer, and that is protection, and self-preservation, and all that good stuff.

Now then, if President-Elect Obama had bought a Coach Hand knife, or any other brand of good knife, and had made a video about it, and used it to promote his political career, perhaps he would have a point. But then again, it really does make a lot more sense that he should have just stuck to making nice speeches about the Obama Administration and the positive things that it is doing in the country. Instead he has chosen to go on YouTube and do a promotional video for a company that sells over 500 million dollars worth of products a year, all over the world. That company is Bossier Corporation, and their product is Bossier Knives. Perhaps President-Elect Obama should have given a little thought to the wisdom of this decision, rather than putting his own personal brand on the backs of the very people that he claims to love and support.