Don’t Post That On YouTube – This Is Why

don t post that on youtube

Don’t Post That On YouTube – This Is Why

Don’t post that on YouTube, everyone’s heard of the controversy regarding the anti-Scientology movie. It’s not the only video that will air on YouTube, but it is a hot button item. I’m sure there were some people that were upset with this particular video, but they had every right to be upset. This is a free country and we have the freedom of speech.

Well the government had a different idea, and they’re not happy about it. If you post anything on YouTube that is hateful or promotes hate, or racism, or any other type of inappropriate material, you could end up in court. Many people use YouTube as a way to get more publicity and make a name for themselves, they do this on purpose.

Now don’t get me wrong, some people are questionable, and their opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect the whole world. But if you don’t show respect for other people, and in this case, their views, then that’s not fair to society, and you could go to jail for what you’re going through. So don’t do it. You don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but at the same time you don’t want to get into legal trouble, which is why the government is worried.

They don’t have the power to ban you from YouTube, but they do have the power to shut you down. It all depends on what kind of “conduct” they determine you are guilty of. If they find you did something illegal, then they have the power to take you to court. But that’s not what they did in this particular case. They found a couple of issues on YouTube and decided to make a video to address those issues.

In my personal opinion, they are doing the right thing, because it’s the law, and they’re trying to protect the American People. If the Chinese Government or North Korea had made a video threatening Americans, then the government would have done something about it, instead of just stating that was unacceptable. They don’t want a free speech issue in America, so they go after those individuals who are posting things on YouTube that they don’t like.

So make sure you watch out if you are seeing anything that might be offensive. Some of the videos on YouTube that we’ve looked at have had very negative language, and some videos have been offensive in general. If you are watching a video that promotes violence against Americans, don’t even think about watching it. And if you are reading this article, and it’s offensive, don’t click on the link. It doesn’t contribute to the discussion, and you’re probably going to be upset with what you see.

It’s definitely a free speech issue. You’re allowed to be offended, but when you say something so harmful, isn’t it more appropriate for the government to step in and make sure it is not repeated? The United States of America is a nation of laws and the government cannot violate the law in any way. That includes threatening to punish people for something that you don’t like, or that they don’t agree with? That is not right, and it should not be allowed, especially on YouTube.

We all can agree on that, and that’s the bottom line. Is the government going to police YouTube? I doubt it, but you should check to make sure you are viewing videos properly, and not at risk for prosecution by the Chinese Government for posting things on the Internet that are not acceptable. Especially if you are a tax paying citizen, and you are accused of something, then that could mean 10 years in prison, huge fines, or losing your job. There’s a lot of controversy right now about China and their Internet, so don’t be a part of it.