Enjoy Maranatha Music on YouTube

YouTube just got hip to Maranatha music. It is so hip, it even has a music video. It is the Maranatha movement, which was originally played on the drums. The drums were made by the Banjara tribe of Nepal. They lived in the area now known as Kathmandu Durbar Square. The musical instrument is played through specially made bamboo flutes.

maranatha music youtube

YouTube just happens to have one of these flutes and uploaded a track by it called ‘Bhagavan’. You can’t help but be impressed with the beautiful serene images. As with many Maranatha music videos, this one is played at a slow tempo with mellow melodic harmonies. Most people are unaware that Kathmandu is the location where thehit song was penned.

So, where can you find Maranatha music and videos? The best place to look is YouTube itself. Type in the keyword phrase ‘Maranatha music’. It should bring out quite a few videos. These will give an idea of where and how to locate the music.

Another place worth looking into is Facebook. Go to your wall and search for some videos posted by friends. They may also share the videos with you. However, you won’t be able to share them all. Some may be too explicit and some may be too mainstream.

If you are a music lover, you will not mind watching videos posted by youngsters. It will bring out their passion for music. You can comment on the videos and share their joy. It’s a common sight to see fans uploading videos of themselves at concerts or on road trips. It’s a thrill to watch some of their live performances.

If you are into real music, you might have become familiar with the Dankhonka or Duniya plays. This kind of traditional Indian music was originated from Maharashtra state. The musical style goes back hundreds of years. Performers like Yash Chopra, Mumbai Swayambara, Manish Malhotra, Kanhopatra Kinikar and many others sing these traditional songs. You can enjoy their performances from the comfort of your home through YouTube.

There are many other musicians who have created a stir online by uploading some interesting videos. Some of them have been doing this since decades. They have gained fans from all over the world. Music is a part of their lives. They don’t let go of it even for a day.

Now that you know where to find Maranatha music on YouTube, you need to take the next step. It’s time to start following these tracks. If you find one, chances are that many others do too. The beauty of this music is that there are many fans too who love it.

The main channel features the original Maranatha music with English subtitles. Other channels provide beautiful Maranatha background music. Browse through the categories to find the ones you like. If you like the original songs, upload them too.

The Maranatha Music YouTube channel has some interesting visuals too. Catch a glimpse of the soggy banyan tree swaying in the breeze and a dancing samba group. If you like to know more about the history of Maranatha, then this is the right place for you. If you love dancing to the tune of this music, then you will really love it here. Browse through the videos and find out what they are all about.

The Maranatha Music YouTube is very easy to use. All you need is an account on the website and a little bit of creativity to upload your favorite songs. The best part is that all your favorites are available for free. Just visit the website, access their search box, type in the title you like and let the magic happen! Like the song, you can even download the entire collection.

Find the best Maranatha music and watch as many videos as you can. This way, you get to hear how this music has an appeal beyond words. Now you can make your own interpretation and experience the fun of Maranatha.