How Long Have I Been Subscribing to Someone on YouTube?

how long have i been subscribed to someone on youtube

How Long Have I Been Subscribing to Someone on YouTube?

One question that a lot of YouTube subscribers are asking lately is how long have I been subscribed to someone on YouTube. It’s a good question and there is no hard and fast rule for that. You subscribe to YouTube because you like the service so you are happy with the overall experience and you enjoy getting traffic from the views alone. But how long have you been subscribing?

Well, the answer varies from person to person. If you subscribe somewhere around 3 months you will be able to view all the channels in the YouTube Red Zone and everything else is fair game. If you subscribe somewhere between 3 months and 6 months you can only view a certain number of channels and those channels won’t show up on the YouTube Red Zone. So, really it’s all up to you.

If you’ve just joined YouTube as an additional user then it should take around a week for your account to be activated and active. Once you have been added to the system, you can automatically subscribe to any YouTube channels that you like. But when do you get the notification? Every time a new video appears on their channel you get a notification and this is how you can see if you like the channel or not.

As a subscriber you don’t even have to be online to subscribe. You can see it in your email where it says “You’re Just Not Here” or something similar. You will also see it in your news feed if you’re signing up to their newsletter. Once you subscribe, you have to complete a sign-in form where you give them your email address. At this point, you can automatically add any channels that you want to view them at any time.

But can you view these channels anywhere else besides YouTube? Not, if you’re trying to watch videos from other people’s channels. Since YouTube has a lock on their videos, no one can share their videos with anyone else unless they first have their channels unlocked. Unless you have the unlock code, you cannot freely share the videos on other websites aside from YouTube.

So that’s why YouTube gives you the password so that you don’t have to be online while you view available channels. They also give you the option of subscribing to any channels you want to. This is very convenient since it means that you don’t have to look all over the internet just to subscribe to other channels. You just go to the main page and click on the “subscribe now” button. It’s as easy as that!

The downfall of the YouTube subscriber only model is that most people don’t have many channels. So you might miss out on some good channels. On the other hand, it’s better to subscribe to lots of channels to maximize your viewing experience. Also, if your friends are all subscribed to different channels, you won’t have to keep switching between different websites. You’ll always have the video streams that you want to watch. And since you can do it anytime, you won’t miss a single second of the things that you’ve recorded.

In conclusion, whether you view available YouTube channels on the site or not doesn’t matter. It all comes down to one thing: Are you a subscriber? If you are, then you have the right to see all the video clips that other members are subscribing to. If not, you should try getting subscribed to more channels. After all, YouTube is an amazing website and there are lots of channels out there that you can subscribe to!