How Long Should a YouTube Outro Be?

Starting a YouTube channel is a great way to interact with your target audience. If you do it right, it helps you develop strong relationships with prospective clients. However, it’s not just the video that matters, but how you distribute the video and the outro play an important role in connecting with your target audience and delivering the intended message. For your online business, here are some guidelines for how long should a YouTube channel be? Read on to know.

how long should a youtube outro be

The first guideline for how long should a YouTube channel be is to ensure that it is ideal length. Longer means more engaging, more interesting and, hopefully, more compelling. You want your viewers to stay engaged because that’s how they become loyal to your brand. Ideally, the average person watching your video should be engrossed in what you’re saying and what you’re promoting at the same time.

Your YouTube out should be no longer than four minutes. A minute is considered a typical watchable length. People tend to spend about seven to eight seconds on the video when they’re surfing, so the average video should be no more than about two minutes. People browsing the internet are more likely to pause and look around when a video is too long. So if your YouTube channel contains videos that run for more than two minutes, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever reach the ideal length.

Your YouTube out should be entertaining. People tend to get bored quickly if the videos they are watching don’t entertain them. So, it’s important to determine how long should a YouTube outro be so that it keeps your viewers entertained. It would be wise to select an ideal length that can hold your viewers’ attention but not irritate them. An hour-long video is often considered the ideal length, but it can be just as boring if it’s not engaging enough.

Your YouTube out should contain several short, effective one-liners that concisely summarize what the rest of the video is about. It can be better to have the shorter end-screens in the middle of the video and the long ones towards the end. Some videos have two or three equally long intros and the viewers can only scan through the two-minute mark before being interrupted.

Your YouTube outro should have a reasonable number of end-screens. Long videos with only a few outros can be visually monotonous. Even a short video with a large number of tutors can become boring if there are just too many end-screens. A long video has the best chance of being successful at driving traffic to your website because people have a tendency to stay on your website for a longer period of time when there are a lot of video outs. As your traffic increases, your revenue will also grow.

A YouTube outro that contains a single, well-designed picture can be much more appealing than one that contains several pictures. When choosing pictures to display in your YouTube outros, ensure that they’re good quality images that are representative of the product or service that you’re trying to promote. Good images help retain viewers’ interest, which is important because people usually don’t stick around long if the visuals are less than desirable. Choose high-resolution stock images instead of low resolution art, since the former won’t load as quickly and are often better looking. Furthermore, higher resolution images allow your viewers to see every detail in the photo.

There’s no one right answer to the question, “How long should a YouTube Outro be?” Different people have different preferences when it comes to videos, and you need to consider your viewers’ experience level before deciding on a length for your YouTube outros. For example, if you are creating marketing videos for an existing business, you probably want to make them a little shorter so that people get more benefit out of watching them. If you’re an aspiring blogger, you probably want to produce videos that are loaded with humor and wit so that your readers will keep coming back for more. In general, the rule of thumb is to keep things brief so that viewers won’t feel bored while watching your video.