How To Add Chapmarks To Your YouTube Videos

How to add chapters to YouTube videos is a topic that many people are unsure about. There are many different ways that you can go about adding chapters to your videos. This article will explain three of those ways, so you can decide for yourself which ones are best. If you don’t know yet, YouTube has introduced new tools that allow you to make changes to the way your videos look when they are played. This article will describe what these tools are, how to use them, and how to format your video files so they can play properly on YouTube.

how to add chapters to youtube video

The first way to add chapters to YouTube videos is to just add chapter markers in every video that you want to include these new chapters in. You will need to be aware that there is actually a limit on how many chapter markers you can have on one video file. All you need to do is enter the exact time stamp that you want each chapter to start at, including the end time of each chapter. Start recording your videos as soon as you get the hang of it, and at some point, you will be able to watch your videos with all of your new chapter markers turned on.

The second way to add chapters to YouTube videos is to use the built in YouTube Timestamps function. The YouTube Timestamps function allows you to enter a random seed number that will determine the start time and end time of each chapter in your video. For example, if you record a video in the afternoon, the movie theater might have started showing, and so would your chapter markers. By selecting random, any time zone will be used. However, if you enter a specific time zone, YouTube Timestamps will be used instead of a random seed number. While YouTube Timestamps may not always be available, most times they are automatically used for new videos, so make sure that you are recording at a time when you will be available to use the feature.

The third method of adding YouTube chapters to your videos is to use the built in video progress bar. This section of your YouTube channel actually displays a progress bar of sorts. When you hover your mouse over the progress bar, it will expand to show a much larger picture of what is going on with your video at that particular moment. Clicking on this will take you to a page where you can select various events in your video and then play them in order. Each event will be properly marked and you can select a particular date to replay it in order.

The fourth way to add chapter information to your videos is to use a plugin such as Open Broadcaster. This plugin allows you to mark individual chapters as well as select certain keywords that will be used in conjunction with your titles. There are a number of different settings that you can choose from, such as whether or not to display the title above the video, whether or not to display the summary of what each chapter is about and how many times a frame is repeated throughout the video. This particular plugin makes chapter content easy to read and understand. Just keep in mind that this must be used with YouTube v2.3.x

The fifth method in learning how to add chapters to YouTube videos is to use the official YouTube search engine. Simply type in whatever it is that you would like to reference in your video and then hit enter. A list of videos will come up, one of which will contain the chapter you are looking for. If you cannot find one that you are able to watch, YouTube has made the process of searching specifically for the chapter you want easier than ever.

The final and possibly the easiest way of learning how to add chapter markers to your videos involves using the built-in YouTube timers. You can find these timers on the bottom right-hand corner of the video player. These timers will appear at certain intervals throughout your video, such as every two seconds, five seconds or even seven seconds. Using these timers will help you manage the flow of your videos better, especially if you have a large amount of videos.

Learning how to add chapters to videos has never been easier. When you are creating a video, simply copy and paste the parts you need and then put a start, stop, play and fade timer on it. Use the same type of timer for all of your chapters (i.e. chapter title, start time and end time), and place the start and stop times where you want them in your description. There you have it, an easy and effective process of how to add chapters to videos.