How To Block Ad Blocking From Safari On Your iPhone Or iPad

Many people have asked the question, why is adblock not working on YouTube. The main reason is due to the fact that Adblock has been designed to be compatible with the latest version of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Unfortunately it has been found that in many cases this compatibility break down. This is because many software publishers have not been updating their software to the latest versions of these browsers, therefore when you use adblock, it will not work.

why is adblock not working on youtube

There are two major causes of this issue, one being the fact that your system has become corrupt or has a virus that requires cleaning. To fix this, you need to use a ‘registry cleaner’ to fix any potential errors that are inside your system. A registry cleaner is basically a software tool that is designed to scan through your computer and repair any of the damaged / corrupted settings that are inside it. Although there are many of these programs available, the problem is that only a small percentage are actually effective at cleaning your pc. Below is how you can get rid of the most common causes of the ‘why are adblock not working on YouTube’ issue and still see a working YouTube video.

The first (and most obvious) reason as to why Ad Block is not working on YouTube is because you have ‘too many’ filters on your internet browser. Internet filters are used to prevent the downloading of any websites that could potentially harm your computer. There are many different types of filters, such as “P2P” or “arian webblock”, which block out all websites from the Google search results or certain social networking websites. The problem is that by having so many of these filters on your browser, it blocks out the actual file that Ad Block actually wants to run. It’s very important that you remove any ad blocking programs from your PC.

The second most obvious reason as to why Ad Block is not working on YouTube is because you have turned off the feature that allows you to watch videos in full-screen mode. YouTube has recently introduced a new feature called “screen share”. This allows you to watch videos on your browser without having to open the YouTube website. To access this feature, simply press Alt+F4 (or click the Chrome menu at the top right). Once you’ve done this, you can then click the button called “chromes” to enter full-screen mode and use the Firefox browser app to watch videos.

Possibly the most annoying reason as to why Ad Block is not working on YouTube is because many users are not aware that they have a few settings within their Internet browsers that can actually cause Ad Block to stop working. The problem is that many users don’t know that there are various filter lists which can be incorporated into their web browsers. There are a number of different Internet filter lists which are available from many websites, and Internet Explorer by Microsoft is one of these. Many of these filter lists will prevent websites which are not allowed on the Internet to load. By turning off these types of filter lists, you can then allow YouTube to load without worrying about blocking your view of the video sites that you want to watch.

One of the ways many and iPad users have found to work around the problem of why is Ad Block not working on YouTube is to enable the “web pages are not supported” option. This switch is usually located in the Privacy tab of the iPhone’s Settings app. It can sometimes be found by pressing and holding onto the apple logo on the screen for a few seconds. One other thing that you can do is enable experimental features like html5 support which can often times allow you to view YouTube videos in full-screen mode.

The third, and possibly most important reason why is Ad Block is not working on YouTube is because many of the ad networks that use the Flash plugin to support Ad Block have blocked Flash. This plugin works by allowing adverts to run through a series of JavaScript code which is then displayed on your computer screen. The problem with this is that Flash has become the de facto standard for online animation, and many ad networks such as Google use Flash to show their adverts on their search results page. As a result, this plugin will now be unable to load if you have an iPhone or iPad, and you should now consider buying a new device in order to browse the web freely again.

The most likely reason why is Ad Block is not working on YouTube is that your iPhone or iPad is simply not compatible with the YouTube applications. However, Apple themselves state that there are a number of compatibility issues which they have been able to solve over the last year. In addition to this, it has recently been announced that a new update to the Safari browser will finally resolve the incompatibility issue. Although Apple has not yet provided details on when exactly the new update will arrive, they have said that it will be arriving later this month.