How To Convert YouTube Videos To MP4 – Quick And Easy Guide

how to convert youtube videos to mp4

How To Convert YouTube Videos To MP4 – Quick And Easy Guide

How to convert YouTube videos into MP4 is a question that many have asked. Well, the answer isn’t so complicated. You just need to have a fast Internet connection to view unlimited free videos online at all times. However, without Internet or slow Internet connection, no YouTube means no video viewing.

So you might want to just download your favorite YouTube videos straight to your computer, laptop, or smart phone to view them wherever you go. The simplest way to play YouTube movies on any of these devices, especially mobile phones, is to immediately download them as an MP4 video format converter. This conversion process can be quick and easy. Some people even choose not to convert the videos but instead to directly stream or watch the YouTube videos.

There are two types of YouTube video converters that you can choose from: the free and the premium. A free YouTube video converter is often referred to as a standalone software or an “adware” program. These standalone programs do not require you to purchase anything else, thus allowing you to freely use them for multiple videos.

When downloading or converting your videos in this fashion, you will be given two options: the first is to view your converted file in YouTube video player; and the second is to view it as an HTML page. As soon as you choose the HTML option, your computer screen will turn black and white. Your system will proceed to load the page and display the converted or downloadable file. This second option is the exact same process used when learning how to convert YouTube videos to mp3. However, the only difference here is that the video file will load as an HTML page rather than being displayed in the player.

The steps in downloading or converting your files are almost identical, even if you choose the second option. The important differences would be the step where you will pick the format that you want to convert into. Your final destination will most likely be a web browser window, which will prompt you to save the file as a YouTube video file.

Your next step on how to convert videos to MP4 would be the actual conversion process. Your goal here is to convert the flat file into a rpeg. You can do this with an online video converter by clicking on the button that says “Convert To FLV To RIFF.” After clicking this button, you will be prompted to put in the filenames of the videos you want to convert as well as a name for the resulting video file.

Finally, you should choose a location on your hard drive where the converted files will be stored. Remember to put the entire video file including all thumbnail images in this folder. Then, you can go ahead and click the “Open” button to begin the conversion. The conversion process is normally quick and complete as the old code that you have chosen for your conversion software will search through the files in its library and then pick out the most appropriate ones to be used for conversion.

How to convert videos to MP4 is not difficult. If you know how to operate the different parts of your computer then you should be able to accomplish this task without any problems whatsoever. However, if you do not know how to make use of the various options available on your operating system then it would be better to use a third-party video conversion software to achieve this task. This would save you from the hassles involved in conversion. If you are a beginner at this then it would be better to stick to using Windows video files.