How to Edit a YouTube Video That is Not Yours

how to edit a youtube video that is not yours

How to Edit a YouTube Video That is Not Yours

How to edit a YouTube video that is not yours? What if you are in the mood of learning a new technique and you want to know how to do it? You can use Windows Video Editor to edit a YouTube video! This article will tell you how to accomplish this task without any hassles.

If you are not using Windows Movie Maker program, here’s how to cut someone else’s video without any problem: Go to YouTube and search for your favorite video; use the search engine to search for your desired video and once you have found the one that you want, double click on the thumbnail of the video. You will be given the option of watching the video or going to the “edit” link that is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. You will then see an icon that resembles a clip board. Click on this link and you will see the wide-screen mode, where you can move the cursor as you like during the editing process.

Now here comes the tricky part. Editing is done by selecting all the clips that you want to put in your own personal YouTube channel and clicking on the “new video” icon that is located on the channel. Next, go to the tab “add new video”. Select the style, title, color scheme and input whatever information you want to insert. In my case, I chose to add my YouTube videos. It was really easy and I enjoyed every minute of editing.

The great thing about this editing process is that it will not affect your ranking. Even if you have multiple videos, uploaded at different times, all of them will be placed in the search engine for anyone to see. There is no need to worry about YouTube’s technical difficulty or about other people having a chance to view your video.

Another tip on how to edit a YouTube video that is not yours without getting into trouble with YouTube is to use the clip art feature. This is one of my favorites because it allows me to cut out parts of my original clip in order to make it look better. To do this, go to the section where you can select “cuts” and then browse to the bottom right corner. Select “new style”. This will place a new clip art image in the top right corner of your YouTube page.

The next time you are on YouTube, look for the “copyright” link that is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Clicking this will bring up the option to either use the clip art image or to grab the copyrighted work itself. If you are wondering how to edit someone else s video because it is copyrighted, you should consider doing so using this trick. While it may not be as easy as you thought, you can make it happen.

The third step is to find an image editor like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Dreamweaver and open your chosen clip. Then you need to go to the properties and click on the “picture manager” tab. You will notice two tabs; the first tab has your original image loaded and the second tab has an edit option. Click the edit option and you will begin editing your clip.

Finally, the last step is to save your project. Just click on the save button and your clip will be saved as a.AVI file. If you are not familiar with this kind of program, you can simply click the Browse option from the main menu and search for an AVI editor. Once you are in the correct app, all you have to do is click the “cut” icon to begin editing your video.