How to Fix the YouTube Out of Sync Problem

How to fix the YouTube out of sync problems? Is there any way out of this? The answer is yes and here is how to do it. Let us count the ways.

youtube out of sync

To see if it is your system that causes the YouTube from out of synch problem then will help you resolve this problem with very less time. Sometimes, when you play YouTube videos online, the video and audio desync problem could arise if your network connection is slow. In such situation, you need to disable hardware acceleration on your computer.

Hardware acceleration is a type of software that runs in the background. Whenever you try to play a YouTube video, it will be played in the background using the software called video card. But the audio driver is also used for this. And if either of these is not functioning properly, then the video sync out of sync issue will occur.

So, if you want to resolve this problem, disable the driver for your audio device. On my Windows 7 machine, the audio drivers have been installed properly. But the problem is that sometimes, they will not load properly and hence, the video will not load properly also. You will find that the video is out of sync when you try to open the YouTube video in another browser.

You need to run a full system scan to solve this trouble. This is what we use to fix the YouTube sync issues. By running a full system scan, you will get to see all the errors that might be in the system. After the complete scan, you can fix the errors one by one. And the most important thing to note is that, the video driver is one of the major causes for the issue. So, make sure that your windows 10 version is updated with the latest driver.

Apart from that, if you are trying to open YouTube in another browser, then also try to update the graphic driver. If the issue is still not resolved, then the best solution is that you can connect another browser to your computer and play a video through that. It might sound complicated but it is very easy to do.

To do this, you need to first update your graphics driver. After this, disconnect your laptop from the external source. Open your internet browser and open YouTube. Navigate to’Settings’ tab and click on the settings button. Select the “Control Panel Options” tab and then tick the “YouTube” option.

Finally, download and install another browser called Firefox. Once you are done with that, open Firefox and go to “Tools” tab. Select the option for “Firefox Help”. Now, you need to click on “video output” tab and then go to the section where you should change the settings to configure the video input and output devices properly.

One of the possible reasons why YouTube can’t be watched properly on windows 10 is related to the audio driver. The audio driver is responsible for the proper operation of all the hardware devices like speakers, microphones, and others. For this reason, one of the most popular ways to get rid of the YouTube synchronization issues is to install the audio driver booster. You can do this by downloading and then installing the audio driver booster software that is specifically designed for the Windows operating system. It will automatically detect and fix all the missing drivers and issues related to the audio driver. This way, your YouTube videos will be viewable in different internet browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome etc.

Another reason why YouTube can’t be watched properly on windows 10 is related to the video card driver. If your computer has an older or corrupt video card driver, then this can cause your system to have major performance problems including the YouTube sync problem. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have a good video card driver installed in your PC. To check if you have a good video card driver in your PC, you can open the Device Manager section of the control panel. By clicking on the “Update Driver” button, you can easily check whether there is an update available for your video card driver in your PC.

Apart from the video card driver, it is also necessary to make sure that there are no corrupt DLL files in your windows system. These files affect various programs in your computer, which make them not to run properly. For instance, if you want to play YouTube videos on your computer, then you need to ensure that there are no errors in your windows video card driver. This can be done with a simple system scan tool. It will also help you remove the error messages that appear on your screen while your computer is working.

So if you want to fix the YouTube sync problem on windows, then make sure you perform a regular scan with a system utility or program that detects and removes all types of errors like missing dll files and corrupted video card drivers. You can download free programs like the Google video cleaner from the website of google. After installing it, you need to click on “scan” button to scan your pc for all types of errors. After running the program, it will display a list of errors. Select the ones that are not resolved and you need to delete.