How to Get Help From Survivor YouTube Videos

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How to Get Help From Survivor YouTube Videos

The Will From Survivor YouTube channel is all about exposing and examining real life disasters. This channel is produced and filmed by survivors of real life disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, and Indian Tsunami. The videos are an eye opener to people who would never think of taking a video on their own. There is an enormous feeling of power and hope after watching these videos and you will realize that you can do the same if you are willing to invest your time and efforts.

The channel is not all about the disasters. There are actually survivor interviews also uploaded on YouTube. These videos expose the people while they are dealing with the emotional trauma of the traumatic event. Some of these interviews expose hidden truths. For example, one video shows a survivor that has survived multiple murders, but afterward the man starts having panic attacks and feels like killing himself because of his trauma.

In another video, there is a talk show host who asks the survivor questions that he does not know the answers to. Later, this same survivor tells his story of being in a car accident. Later he talks about his wife and how she was the only one that survived the accident. You will see clearly that he has no confidence because he is constantly blaming everyone else for his problems.

In one video, we watch a man talking about his life after surviving a car crash. He is now a changed man because he survived all that, but now there is a void in his life. He talks about what will happen when he reaches his old age. A quote from this man is very interesting because he says that now he understands the importance of saving your health, wealth, and future survival for your children.

Some videos are just ordinary people talking about their daily lives. These can be real heartwarming stories. There are some videos uploaded by volunteers working with different types of charities. This will include videos of children doing their daily activities. In one video, you will see an old man thanking God for his life and the things he has gained. It is heartwarming to hear that a survivor is thankful for what he has.

Another category of these YouTube videos are motivational speeches given by people who survived disasters and want to help others recover from theirs. There are several things you can learn from these survivor videos. First, you can see how ordinary people turned into superheroes when they are faced with adversity. Second, you will understand why it is important to trust in God and to have faith in something greater than yourself. Finally, you will get help on how to rebuild your life after a disaster.

If you want to help other people, make sure you post some videos on YouTube related to disaster recovery. Some examples of these are flood videos. If you are living in a city that suffered a disaster, you may want to get help from the Red Cross or the Red Shield. They have resources to assist people affected by disasters. If you want to help the church, post video messages on YouTube showing some of the sermons that have been given after natural disasters. People will appreciate your efforts in giving them comfort after a calamity.

As a concluding note, you should not just post these videos on YouTube. You can also share them on many different websites and public platforms. However, you must make sure that your videos are clean and relevant so that they will not cause offense. Keep the videos short and sweet.