How to Get More YouTube Video Views – Discover Simple Ways to Get More Views!

by    Uncategorized   Thursday, March 5th, 2020

If you are creating videos for your business or even for personal use, you may be wondering how you can obtain more YouTube video views. The answer is simple, the more videos you have in your channel, the more people will click on the “like” button and watch your videos.

When you have a number of videos to your channel, they will also get posted to other video websites that are commonly found on YouTube. You can have videos in your channel published on such websites as Metacafe, Polyvore, Orkut, and, most importantly, your videos will be submitted to popular video submission websites.

Each submission has a small amount of weight in the algorithm that decides how many video views you will receive for each one. For example, if you have a video that has over 2 million views, it would be reasonable to expect you to receive ten views per submission. However, if the video only has a million views, you might only receive about five views.

This is why it is important to use the best keywords when submitting videos to the video submission websites. You do not want to have a title with too many words in it will only appear on the first page of the list of submissions.

So, the key to getting more YouTube video views is to optimize your videos. This can be done with a few different methods and, while some of them require some work on your part, it’s well worth it.

Keywords – Keywords should always be used when creating videos. Search engines will help determine which videos to receive the most attention and most views.

Videos SEO – Having a strong website with good content can increase your chances of receiving more views. Make sure your channel consists of both good quality videos and don’t post anything that doesn’thave a good amount of keyword relevant information.

Traffic Analytics – Google is continually working on improving its algorithms to improve the results it gets from search engines. The best thing you can do is keep an eye on the search results on a daily basis.

Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking websites such as Digg and StumbleUpon can be great places to create your own social network. They will allow you to create links that share your channel’s content with the community.

Directories – The next best thing you can do to increase your channel’s exposure is to submit to other websites. Sites such as YouTube itself, Hubpages, and Hubski are all very popular directories that can help you reach a larger audience.

Link Acceleration – In order to generate more traffic, try posting comments on blogs, forums, and articles that are related to your channel. Every time you post, you are able to insert a link back to your channel on your videos so that they receive more exposure.

Buying Views – It is possible to purchase video views through websites that sell subscriptions to websites that purchase them. However, these are risky as some sites are known to just sell your views to any site that wants them.