How To Import YouTube Videos Into An iPhone

You may need to import YouTube videos into iMovie for video editing. But YouTube movies are often in FLV format, which isn’t supported by iMovie. So how do you import YouTube FLV files to iMovie? No need to worry! Here to share the best method on how to import, convert and add YouTube video to iMovie (free) for video editing. With this easy to follow, yet powerful technique you can add great looking video to your personal or business movie.

how to import youtube videos to imovie

This is an example of one of the many ways how to import videos into iMovie. Open your favorite browser on your computer. Navigate to “Internet Explorer” program. Click on the “import” option from the menu that appears. Once you click “import,” you will be prompted to select the video file that you wish to import.

In this example, the video we are going to import is a YouTube video. Click on” imports,” then “Eject,” then choose “Video File(s).” If the file you want to import is in another format, such as AVI or WMV, this step won’t be necessary. In fact, you can perform all the importing operations in this step, by selecting the appropriate video format when you reach the “Eject” button.

Once you have selected the appropriate video format for the imported file, you will be able to see a list of video files. Click on the video file you want to add to your movie. When the file has been selected, you will be asked to choose which folder it should be placed in. On Windows and Mac OS X systems, this folder will be created under the root user’s home directory.

Once you have chosen a video file, you will be asked to confirm whether you really want to include the video file in your newly-imported movie. When you click “import,” the imported file will be placed into the video library. However, if you have already watched the video, you will need to delete the imported video from your library. To do this, open your My Mac OS X Finder, then browse to / Videos. When you are viewing the list of videos, choose the video that you want to remove from your library.

For Windows users, the imported video will be put into the Documents folder. However, if you have selected videos that you like to watch in a format other than the default Windows Video, you will be shown a series of folders. Open each of these, locate the imported file, and then choose “open.” A new window will display with the video player controls, and your imported file will be played in the chosen player immediately.

It is possible to create a custom player for your imported videos. By selecting the “import settings” icon from the imported file menu, you can create a customized player to view your videos in. These players are more advanced and use the Omx Player library that is used by the standard Windows video players. To play in this player, you will need to choose the “play” option from the player control panel.

The software that allows you to watch the imported file in an iPhone is actually called Media Players for iPhone. You will need to purchase this software in order to download the player onto your iPhone. This player also includes other features such as allowing you to watch the video while you are taking a break, as long as the screen is left on, so that you can view the video while you are waiting on your friends or family to finish a video they are watching on their iPhones. In addition, the software will allow you to control your imported videos through the device and has support for encrypted connections to ensure that your privacy is protected even when you are using the iPhone to view another user’s video.