How to Make a Poll on YouTube – 2 Simple Steps to a Poll That ranking You Well in the World of Social Networking

If you are looking for how to make a poll on YouTube then you came to the right place. My best friend here gives me a lot of trouble when it comes to making a video. His problem is always, “How do I make a poll on YouTube?” He just can’t get it right. When I try to help him, he gets even more confused. So, please let’s learn how to make a poll on YouTube and leave our friend in the sweet fresh air.

how to make a poll on youtube

Let’s start with what this is suppose to be. You need an account at YouTube and you will need to go to the “Create Post” area. Once there, scroll down to where it says “Settings.” Tap on it and you will see the drop down box for “Usability testing.” If you have an iPhone, you will know that it has a microphone icon with two buttons on it, one for speak and one for record. If you do not have an iPhone, or if you are trying to create a poll on YouTube for other devices, simply use your microphone on the left side and a record button on the right.

After you have done all that, you will then need to go to “Add Filter,” tap on that and you will see a drop down menu. Once you have done that, scroll up to the “polls” section and you will see the list of options available. If you have an iPhone, tap on the “Add URL” link and fill in the url you are wanting your user responses on. If you don’t have an iPhone, simply tap on “polls” and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see the option for “ios.”

If you have an iPhone, you will also know that you can tap on “Create Post” and scroll down to “Help.” If you have a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox, simply tap on “Internet Options.” If you have Firefox, you will see a drop down menu on the right side of the browser prompt. If you don’t yet have Firefox, simply tap on” Firefox” and then scroll down to” Extensions.”

The next step is to find and install the extension that is for Google Reader. Go to the extensions section on the preferences window of the website and tap on Google Reader. Once you have installed it, you will notice a new icon in the corner of the Google Reader toolbar. It will be labeled “reader.” Clicking on this icon will take you to a new window where you will see a “Subscribe to RSS,” option. Click on that option and your YouTube poll will begin.

The final step on how to make a poll on YouTube is to go back to your blog or website and search for the code that has been changed. You may want to search under the username that was used to create the poll. You will need to enter that code again so that you can paste it into your post. If your username was something different, simply copy and paste that into the address bar and make changes accordingly. Once you are finished, you will have your poll up and running!

The same process applies if you want to change how to make a poll on YouTube to a text post. In addition to locating the code, you will also need to find and install a plugin for WordPress. Once you have this plugin installed and active, your poll will appear at the top of the page whenever a reader loads a page with a post that corresponds to the title you gave it.

All of the steps here are pretty straight-forward. The real step on how to make a poll on YouTube that will blow your visitors away though is just down the road a bit. That is the whole point of making polls in the first place, to gain more traffic through Facebook. Once you get 1000 subscribers under your belt and have them viewing your page at least once a day, you will be able to give out polls and receive feedback from your audience members. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take action today and start posting surveys to Facebook.