How To Mute YouTube Video On Phone – A Guide To Showing Yourself On The Phone

how to mute youtube video on phone

How To Mute YouTube Video On Phone – A Guide To Showing Yourself On The Phone

How to mute YouTube video on a phone? Mute the video file in YouTube using the official YouTube application. This way, you are able to avoid disturbing other people on the phone and avoid getting into trouble as well. It is a good thing to know how to do so since it can be useful if ever there would be a need to mute the video.

If you have a cell phone, you have probably used it for business calls and some personal calls as well. In fact, you probably use it more than you think. There is no doubt that your phone has hundreds of videos and even pictures stored in it. However, you need not watch all of these files at once especially if you have a video that has sensitive content that could cause offense. You can set the phone to delete any video after five minutes.

With that, you are aware that you should never use your cell phone as a camera. You would not want to take pictures or shoot any videos when the target uses the phone’s built-in camera. This would just cause trouble for you in the future. Instead, you have to use the official YouTube video player.

This way, you would be able to share your videos without having to worry about disturbing other people. How to do so? Just use the feature called Mute button. You would not know how to use it though because it is not featured on the user interface of your phone.

Just tap the” mute” function on the top right corner of your phone’s screen. This will automatically mute all audio and video. For some phones, you also have the option to mute the audio and video. However, this feature is rarely used since you would not know how to use it.

If you are still confused on how to unlock your phone’s screen, here are some instructions for you. First, touch your device’s home key twice. This will unlock your phone’s display. Second, touch your device’s home key once. Your display will be unlocked and you can see the contents of your buffer.

This is how to mute YouTube videos on your phone. You did it by simply tapping the screen of your phone. If you like, you can record your own video and use it to show to your audience. As long as you have a microphone, you can share your video with the rest of your friends via social media sites.

Are you still confused on how to mute YouTube videos on the phone? Don’t worry. There are other ways on how to get the job done. All you have to do is explore and experiment.

When your video is buffering, you should unlock your phone’s display so you can take a look at what you’ve recorded. To access this mode, touch your device’s home key twice. This will enter video playback mode. From here, you will be able to watch your video. If you like, you can also use other user profiles to show your latest video clips.

Now that your clip is ready, you should exit the playback mode. You can then take a look at your clip in YouTube. See if there are any comments posted. If there are, read them and see if you can find someone who has the same interest as you. If you can, exchange numbers and call each other through these user accounts.

You might wonder why you need to use a third party application in the first place. After all, it is free and there is no fee to try it out. As long as you have the right connection, you won’t face any technical problems. The official YouTube application does require a device with a camera or flash for it to work properly.

However, if you are wondering how to mute YouTube videos on your iPhone or any other phone for that matter, this step will come in very handy. Do not forget that you can look at your clips even while you are not in a position to use your phone. You can simply lock your screen or clear the buffer to show your latest masterpiece. It will be a very useful skill to have, wouldn’t you agree?