How To Pin A Comment On YouTube

How to pin a comment on YouTube is the most requested question for many users on YouTube and all over the internet. It’s really simple actually, you just have to understand one small detail about how to pin a comment on YouTube. You see, when you use a YouTube comment button to pin a comment on YouTube the person that posted the comment will post their URL along with a “pinned” comment. This means that if someone clicks on that “pinned” comment it will take them right back to that particular YouTube video.

how to pin a comment on youtube

So, how to pin a comment on YouTube so that you can get a link back to your YouTube channel? Well, you’ve got to understand the way that YouTube views things. If someone is watching a video they are more than likely going to leave an opinion or suggestion about the video they are watching. If you don’t have your own account then you can always watch videos where people leave their YouTube links inside the description. These comments can be extremely helpful in increasing your YouTube watch time and improving your channel’s ranking in the search engines.

So how to pin a comment on YouTube? To start you want to find a video that has a good rating and have lots of views. Once you find one you’d like to comment on, simply click on the “pins” icon to add your YouTube account as a guest. Use the “use pinned comments” feature to your advantage.

Now when you are watching this particular video, instead of simply leaving a single comment, you are going to start leaving other people’s pinned comments in order to help your YouTube ranking. You can always see who is leaving the comments by clicking on the “watch time next” button. If there are other people who are watching the video and leaving their own comments, you should consider following them. This will help to boost your YouTube watch time even more.

Another tip you can use when learning how to pin comments is to keep your profile updated. The more times you post new comments, the more views you’ll get. It’s best if you post new comments every 30 minutes or so. Keep your profile updated and it will start to show up higher in search engine results. This is the easiest way to improve your YouTube ranking.

Finally, make sure that you are using the right website to post your YouTube comments. If you don’t have your own site, you should definitely use Google Video. This is the best website for pinning videos because there are many people who post their comments there. This means it will be easy for people to find your comments and it will increase the chance that you will get clicks on your videos. If you already have a site or blog, then you should definitely post your comments here.

When writing your comment, keep your keyword relevant. Try to match the video keyword to the name of the person who is posting the video. For example, if the name is “pin the tail on the donkey”, you should comment on something relevant to donkey care. If you get lucky and the person posting the video doesn’t notice your comment, then you gained some exposure and traffic!

The last tip I have for you on how to pin a comment on YouTube is to read the post before you start making comments. If you haven’t seen what the person posting the video did, then it’s pointless to start commenting on it. They might have useful information for you but if you waste your time commenting on something that you haven’t seen, then you will most likely just lose your account. It’s better to take some time out and read the post, this way you will know what to comment on. Good luck and have fun!