How To Reinstall YouTube On Samsung Smart TVs – A Simple Method Of How To Restart YouTube For Samsung Smart TVs

If your Samsung smart television has been infected with malicious codes that cause it to stop functioning altogether, then the solution to your problem would be finding out how to reinstall YouTube. For this type of trouble, the ultimate remedy is reinstalling YouTube on Samsung Smart TV again. So, let us check how does a reinstallation of YouTube on Samsung smart TVs work. If you are also facing the same problem, then the ideal solution is to video screencast YouTube from a different device like a laptop or mobile phone.

how to reinstall youtube on samsung smart tv

For this method to work, there are certain things that you should do and follow. The first thing is, of course, that you have to locate the YouTube application. Normally, you would see it installed in the “Accessories” area. Just click on it will open up. You would see the option of viewing YouTube.

For this method to work, you must have a DVD-rom burner that can burn files to DVD discs. You can easily find one in any store. Once you have the software, all you need to do is, select the option of copying video files to DVD. Be sure that you choose the correct file format for the DVD to ensure proper transfer of the data. After you have done so, just click on the “Burn” button located at the top-right corner of the browser.

When you have completed the copying process, you should close the browser. The software will now prompt you to burn the YouTube videos to DVD disc. At this point, you can also uninstall the application. It is advisable that you do so immediately. Once the installation is completed, you can connect the television again and view the YouTube videos.

How to reinstall YouTube on Samsung Smart TV When the installation process was completed, it is time to restore YouTube to the Smart TV. In the Smart TV remote control, you would see an icon that says “My YouTube”. Click on it will open up. Instead of watching the video from YouTube, you should choose the option of watch YouTube in the menu.

However, if you want to watch the video from YouTube using your Samsung device, you need to go to the website and look for the option of searching. The search field will be available and there are links for different types of files available. Simply follow the links and you will be able to restore the YouTube software.

How to reinstall YouTube on Samsung Smart TVs You can use the same method to reinstall the YouTube application if you have a secondary Samsung smart television. This method requires the use of a USB thumb drive. Connect the thumb drive to the Samsung device and then connect the secondary device to the computer. This is done through the USB connector that has been provided with the software. Once the software is loaded into the computer, you can launch the program.

Launch the application and it will give you the opportunity to type in the name of the video file that you want to play. Once you are done typing, you can just hit on the play button and the YouTube program will take over and start playing the video in the background. If you want to know how to reinstall YouTube on Samsung smart tv, this method works perfectly. If you do not have a secondary Samsung smart television, you will not be able to perform the method mentioned above.