How to Save YouTube Videos As MP3 – Follow These Steps Now!

How to save YouTube videos as MP3 is the question of most people who are keen to watch online videos. You may have found that there are many websites that allow you to watch your favorite video clips in different formats such as Flash, VideoLan or other. However, some of these videos require the use of media players such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer in order to be able to view them. For others, watching videos in this way can be quite frustrating.

how to save youtube videos as mp3

If you are a regular user of the Internet and if you surf the Internet regularly, you will definitely come across sites that allow you to watch videos. However, most of the sites will only let you download the video files and not let you watch them. You will probably find that the video is quite slow or choppy and even the audio is distorted. If you are used to watching music videos on your personal computer, you would find this to be a great challenge. Well, what about videos?

Fortunately, there are some easy steps that you can take so that you can easily convert your favorite videos to MP3. The first step to how to save YouTube videos as MP3 is to download the video file from YouTube and to save it as a movie file. There are various programs that are designed to help you do this easily. To know more, you can simply search for the term ‘how to save YouTube videos as MP3’. You will find that there is plenty of information available online.

Once you are through with this step, you should open the video file. You need to go to the file menu and then select the ‘open’ option. This will place the video file in a folder on your hard drive and will enable you to save the video as an MP3 file. If you are not sure how to do this, then you can simply ask someone else to do it.

The next step to how to save YouTube videos as MP3 is to use your digital camera or the flash of your camera to transfer the converted clip. You can do this while you are sitting at your desk, watching TV, or while you are driving to work. After the clip has been transferred, you can save the converted clip on your computer by going to the ‘wicband’ area of your browser. This is an application that you can install onto your computer that will enable you to turn any video file into a digital copy of it.

The third and last step on how to save YouTube videos as MP3 is to delete the file which you have just converted. To do this, you need to highlight the video clip and then press the ‘Delete’ button on your keyboard. The highlighted text should be white. Next, click on the ‘Tools’ icon to remove all the files which you had removed from your computer. Now you will notice a folder containing your converted files.

The fourth step on how to save YouTube videos as MP3 is to right-click the newly created video file and then click on ‘place’. A menu of folders will appear and you will choose the video clip that you want to place in that particular folder. Click on the audio track to add it to the new file. Finally, drag all the files which you have converted onto the desktop of your computer so that it appears as if you have saved all the files that you have taken on your vacation to your vacation home.

These four simple steps on how to save YouTube videos as MP3 should help you convert your videos into good quality digital copies of them. Your videos will also be free of computer viruses and you will be able to freely view them whenever you want. How to save YouTube videos as MP3 is indeed a very easy process, isn’t it? Just remember to leave the converting job to professionals. It will give you the best results at the end.