How To Stop Watching Bad Videos On YouTube

How to stop viewing inappropriate videos on YouTube. Every time you look at a YouTube video the first thing you will see is the title and thumbnail. These two things are what most people will see when they search for a particular video. Most Christians don’t use pornography, yet some of us become addicted to it. Many Christians ask how can you stop watching pornography?

how to stop watching bad videos on youtube

Some of the problems that lead to pornography addiction are because of the brain. When you are exposed to images or sights with sexual overtones your brain releases chemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals make you want more of what you see. The problem with this is that the images you see through porn can actually desensitize you to sex, to sexual contact and to violence. This is why some of the most powerful men in the world to become porn stars, because through images in the brain they have gotten used to having sex with lots of women.

Watching YouTube may also be an addiction itself. If you become bored or if you are constantly exposed to YouTube videos that are not anything more than sexualized images you may find yourself trying to find ways to get your hands on something else to occupy your time. It may help to look for other things that will help you relieve the boredom that you have from your current YouTube habits.

Learning how to stop watching bad stuff on YouTube can be done through the process of de-addiction. This process involves breaking an addiction through will power and self-control. You may be able to make changes to your life slowly, one step at a time. Many people who try this method find that it is possible to reduce or even completely eliminate their addiction to pornography.

In addition to making changes to your life, it may also be helpful to look to alternative methods of viewing pornography. Since many people who have an addiction to pornography tend to watch it on a computer, this can often be the easiest way to access it. It is easy to hide your remote computer from your partner so that you can continue watching porn. This is especially useful if you are seeing someone who is a potential threat to you. Watching it elsewhere may help you avoid compromising situations that could lead to a break up of a relationship.

Learning how to stop watching bad stuff on YouTube can also involve looking to other forms of media. Many Christians have turned to watching online lectures and religious videos to gain a spiritual perspective on life. While this may not provide as much of an impact as regular exposure to pornography, it may still help to provide a new way to approach the information you are gaining on a daily basis.

As you learn how to stop watching YouTube, you should also consider connecting with others who have overcome similar struggles. While you might be able to find advice that can be helpful in particular situations, this does not mean that all your struggles will be shared by others who are experiencing similar struggles. There are always those individuals that share their personal experiences and trials when they are dealing with a pornography addiction problem. If you stay open and willing to listen to others, you will be able to draw on their experiences. This can be an excellent source of comfort and encouragement.

One of the most important steps to successfully fighting a porn addiction is for you to remain focused on overcoming this problem. While it is certainly possible to make positive changes in your life while praying daily, it is also important to remember that overcoming porn addiction takes time. In order to fully remove yourself from the temptations of this behavior, you must stay focused on overcoming this problem every day until you no longer feel tempted at all. If you try to give into temptations too frequently, you will never succeed in your efforts to break free from porno.