How to Timetime YouTube Comments For SEO Benefits

how to timestamp youtube comments

How to Timetime YouTube Comments For SEO Benefits

For anyone who has ever been on the Internet, they know how important and beneficial it is to be able to “timestamp” YouTube comments. YouTube comments links which point to a particular section of a specific YouTube video. YouTube comments are very powerful because when people leave comments on your video, the site will record those comments and display them on the next time a new video is added. As more videos are added to YouTube, the more comments are created, leading to even more views for your website or business. If you want to ensure you get maximum exposure for your online business, make sure you educate yourself about timestamping.

How to Timestep YouTube Comments There are different ways of adding timestamps to your comments on YouTube. Some of these methods may prove to be more effective than others. YouTube has an option for you to enter a description or title of what you are about to post, and then your name will appear at the bottom of the page. This is great SEO benefits for leaving comments on videos.

The first step in how to timer YouTube comments is to go to your profile and under the section for “Settings” click on the tab titled “Timeline.” Next, click “New” and fill in the form with the required information. In the field for “Name,” you will be prompted to enter a title or description of your video and a key phrase which will serve as a unique link reference to your website or sales page. Make sure you add all the relevant information. Once you have all your relevant information entered, click “Save all changes.”

The next step in how to timer YouTube comments is to enter your website address or sales page address. For example, if you want to promote a product, then enter it in the title or description field. The title for your video is the keyword phrase that you use most often when searching through search engines or in social media. So, for example, if your main keyword is dog grooming then you may want to put that keyword or phrase, in quotation marks, in the title or description field of your video. After your description and title, you may want to put the keyword or phrase that is most often used when performing searches on YouTube, in the last sentence or paragraph of your article or video.

The final step on how to timer YouTube comments is to save all your changes. Click on the “Save tab” icon which is on the far right side of the YouTube home page. You will see a Save button and a blue text near it which says “Add URL.” Click on this blue text and then add your website or sales page address where you would like the link to take viewers to. By adding these important links, viewers will know how long it should take them to see your video or article.

There are other ways on how to time YouTube comments, which are not shown above. If you are viewing a comment section on a controversial video then you may want to leave this type of comments open for others to add their information. Then when you find the “ikes” section which usually has a large number of likes, you can begin removing the names one by one from the beginning and the end. If you have hundreds of people commenting on a video then you may find that the formatting option at the bottom takes you quite some time. In fact, this option may be one of the reasons many webmasters choose to use a video hosting site such as YouTube instead of a blog.

Using a WordPress blog is the easiest way to get the best results from using timestamps. You can set the “Timestamps Overlay” option so that when images, audio and video are uploaded, they are placed over the regular text on your blog. You can also select the “Timestamps by category” option to specify which posts should have different timestamps. You can also select the “Timestamp All” option so that when any video, audio or photo is uploaded, the date is given as well.

Both of these options are great SEO benefits but the real star of the show is using YouTube comments for link building. Once you have decided where you want to place your links, you can go back and select a specific time for when your links to go live. When viewers start subscribing to your RSS feed, you can then add your links to the comments section of your articles. This is a perfect way to ensure your content always has fresh content showing up in the search engines.