How to Turn YouTube Video Into MP3

how to turn youtube video into mp3

How to Turn YouTube Video Into MP3

A couple of years ago, I was looking for a way of how to turn YouTube videos into MP3s. Nothing much, really – just some music files to play on my iPod. And then one day, while watching the news on TV, I suddenly came across this video:

It was a close up shot of a man being electrocuted. In the video, you could see the man’s head getting crushed by the electrical wire that was running through the body. I thought to myself – there has got to be a better way! So armed with my new knowledge, I set out to find out how to turn YouTube videos into MP3s.

First of all, you need to turn the volume down in your iTunes. Then, drag the icon for YouTube up to the “listened to” area of the player. You can do this from the main menu of iTunes. Clicking the arrow on the right side of the screen will show you when you are there, and you can also access the “edit” button. Look for the option to select the type of file that you want to add to your MP3 player. Once you have selected an audio file, it will start playing straight away.

Now, if you are watching the video on YouTube and the audio is very loud, then you can reduce its volume – even mute it. At the same time, you will need to turn up the volume so that you can hear the audio clearly. Click on the microphone icon at the top of the player. Use the left and right arrows to move the mouse up and down, and left click to increase the volume.

The final step to how to turn video into mp3 is to turn on the speaker icon in the player, so that you can hear the sound of your own voice. Click anywhere inside the video to turn it off. If the video starts to lag or slow down, then it’s probably because you are listening to the audio while watching the video, and it’s taking longer to load than it should be. Simply close the window you are in, and start again. It’s a lot easier to understand how to turn video into mp3 after you have followed the above step, so don’t worry too much about it!

To turn video into mp3, you need to edit your video footage. Open the footage in either Windows Media Player or Quicktime. When you are in the media player, you will see two tabs: one for the video, and one for the audio. Use the right-click option on the appropriate tab to bring up the menu, and choose “Export to Clipboard”. This will save the footage as a file under the same name as the video file.

Now all you need to do is find and open the clip in Microsoft PowerPoint. You will see an option near the top called “MP3 File” and click on this. Choose the type of file you want to convert (the same type of format you would want to convert the audio file to). Click “OK”. Now you can convert the video into MP3.

That’s it – you’ve learned how to turn YouTube video into mp3. This is an easy step-by-step method for converting any video into a lossless format, which will reduce file size and improve your internet connection speed. You may find that your internet has a better connection now that you’ve learned these tips, and that your video is downloading at a much faster rate. Happy surfing!