How To Unhide YouTube Channel From Search Results

If you notice that the message “Your YouTube Channel is blocked in your YouTube video manager” appears when you open your favorite video player, then probably your YouTube channel is unblocked from your visitors and your video content are no longer visible to all YouTube users. This can occur because you have chosen to hide your entire channel through google account settings. It can also be caused by spyware or virus infection or hacked website. Fortunately, here are some ways on how to unhide YouTube channel.

how to unhide youtube channel

To remove the blockage, go to the website where you obtained your YouTube account and log in as the user “YOUR_USER_ID”. Click on “Settings” located at the top left corner of the page. Then click on the link “YouTube” found at the bottom of the page. Now you will see a box with two buttons. The left one is for “General”, while the right one is for “Change.” Click on “Change” to access the YouTube settings page.

You can easily access the settings page of your account. Right click on “Settings” to display the page. This will open a new window. Look for the word “YouTube” under the General tab. Click “Disable Guest Account” and follow the instructions displayed.

To fully enable the feature again, log out of YouTube and log in again as the user id of the guest account. Type the right click command again and click on “OK”. As mentioned above, you have to enable the feature again for YouTube to load the video. Then you can follow the same steps described above for logging out as the administrator account. However, this time you type the right-click command for “Change password.”

On the “Change Password” page, you will see a link labeled” twitch”, click on it. When the window of advanced user settings opens, click on the link titled “Twitch Chat Presence.” When the page loads, click on the link labeled “Twitch Channel admin” and enter the correct admin ID and password that you have just created when you were logged into YouTube as the guest.

How to unhide YouTube videos and tweets in your WordPress blog is actually very easy. In fact, it is very similar to how you would go about setting up Twitter for WordPress. In the past, you would have to visit the Twitter application and follow the appropriate option. Now however, there are special plug-ins called TwitCSS and HootSuite that make the process as easy as possible.

The first thing that you have to do to get the verification code working is to register an account with Google. For many people, Google is the second biggest search engine in the world and many people prefer to use Google whenever they are looking for information. It is also true that Google offers free services such as its search engine, maps, and blog site and, as a result, the search giant is always the first one to be accessed by many people. When you are already signed up as a Google account, all that you have to do to access YouTube is to log in to your Google account and then go to the settings tab.

From the drop down menu, you will see “Channel,” click on it. Then, under the section where it says” authenticated users,” click on the button called “Google profiles.” In the new window that appears, click on the link labeled “Google Profile Verification,” and enter the code given to you by the service provider. How to unhide YouTube channel is not really that difficult after all. In just minutes, you will have saved time and saved money, since you will no longer have to go through the trouble of registering with YouTube and then having to go through all the process of verifying your YouTube account every time you want to upload new videos for public viewing.