How Will Pike and Will prowse YouTube Work?

The new guy in charge of the YouTube purge, someone called Matt Cutts, is taking over the site – will prowse YouTube and eliminate all those tens of thousands of bogus accounts that are costing YouTube lots of goodwill. Will the new system work or is it another big mistake? It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but my best guess is it won’t work. What is so bad about these fake accounts anyway?

will prowse youtube

It looks like there were about a half dozen reasons these accounts were created. Probably the most common was just to create a bunch of backlinks to high traffic websites. Other times the purpose was to simply have a presence on the site. At the time of writing there were about 25,000 YouTube accounts which had been created since YouTube began and that is excluding fat people. So the question is how many of these accounts are there that aren’t going to be deleted in the purge?

We already know that YouTube likes to have a large number of people visiting their videos. This is why they have added “watch list” features to get more people to subscribe to their service. So if you are going to use this “in solar power” strategy then it makes sense to try and get as many of your video views up on YouTube as possible. The trick is to make sure you only release a video once when you have some real good content. In other words, don’t try and jam a lot of videos in a short space of time hoping you will get lucky and make some sales.

My suggestion is that anyone trying to build a large business presence on YouTube should be using two separate blogs, one for each purpose. For example, you could have a regular photo sharing blog, and post videos on your solar panel BSC page. As long as you keep all your videos on your photosharing blog then you may not even need to move your videos onto YouTube. In fact it may be worth considering moving your entire photo sharing blog onto YouTube one day as this would free up a lot of space on your main site. Then once you have the numbers up and running, you may find you prefer to move everything else over.

There are three members of the photosharing site team, myself included, and I am actually the official videographer of the site. So my suggestion is to make sure you add me as a member of the “pins” group in the “pins” section of your Google+ profile. You can then create a “pins” link on any of your posts and this will allow fans of the ski movies and videos to show their support by pinning your posts to their wall.

Then there is the photosharing team, me of course. I am the official videographer for the site and so I have access to the latest equipment and footage. I am also the one who has the rights to edit any footage posted on YouTube. So, when I post a new video I can update the description and add a few snips here and there which will ensure the people on YouTube can get the full length movie file they want.

Having the right account is important too. My personal account is photoshopped to look like a professional photographer’s studio and has links to all my other channels, including my BMS and the WillPaw Forums. This is useful as I am able to tap into a range of resources if I need to post a new video or update some of my existing articles. As well as helping to build my social media presence, these types of accounts can also help to increase the views of my YouTube videos. So it may pay off well for me to start putting a little more effort into my photosharing efforts and it may also be worth adding some WillPaw decor to my site to attract more visitors.

It’s been amazing to see how far my YouTube videos have gone. The amount of people who have enjoyed them is quite astounding. I am definitely not the only senior member of WillPaw that has used this particular website to help boost his online presence. There are literally thousands of people that use the BMS and DIY section on WillPaw and it will certainly pay dividends for me to start posting some of my best material there.