Injury Video: Where Isyanne Shazier After She Had A Basketball Injury

Before I continue on with my story, I have to tell you the story of a young lady named Rachel Siegel. Last year, Rachel was participating in a local pageant when she sustained an ankle injury. The extent of her injury was so severe that she spent three months in the hospital and missed two months of the school year. Her mother insisted on having Rachel checked into New York Rehabilitation for a rehab program; however, her insurance company would not cover the cost of such a program.

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Rachel was determined not to let the accident affect her academics or her life. She came to New York to learn and grow in an academic setting; she wanted to become a lawyer. She had a plan in place to pay for her education, including studying at night after work. She just needed some additional funding so she could focus on her goal.

So last spring, she made plans to go to YouTube and research videos on sports injuries and athletes. She wanted to see what happened if she slipped on the basketball court during practice one day. She was about to surf the Internet when a friend invited her to see a YouTube video on a famous basketball player.

This is when the accident occurred. It was slow and the camera was moving as slow as the player. And yet, this player did not even flinch. In fact, he did not say a word. The crowd either looked the other way or applauded his insane ability to continue playing that day. Then, as he went to ground for the foul, he said something that would change Rachel’s life forever.

She watched the replay several times and noticed the call. The call was a non-call. She knew right then and there that this was not a basketball injury. So she put the helmet down, walked away, and tried to focus on her studies. This is when she discovered that the injury she suffered at practice that day was so bad, it would be debilitating.

When she got home, she told her parents and their friends about what had happened. Nobody was very comforting. They all said that they would have done something if they had seen the play. Nobody said anything about the fact that she might have been able to still play that day. Everyone was more upset about the fact that she could not walk again. They said that they were very upset because she could not play that day.

Rachel spent the next three months in bed. She did not move until Thanksgiving break came around. She had to have seven break-outs before being able to play. She missed eight games due to her injury. Then, her parents brought her to physical therapy. She went there for ten days and was told that she would have to have seven to ten weeks of therapy.

Her injury was still very raw at that time. She had not been back to the game since the accident. She was told by the trainer that she could not walk again without experiencing pain. She was also told that she would have to miss at least a month of school. She was in so much pain that she wanted to quit the game and go back to being a cheerleader.

She kept going to physical therapy for a while but it did not make any difference. The trainers said that they would have to have someone come and look at her for an extended period of time. At that point, her parents got discouraged. They knew something was wrong. They both went to the doctor to find out what their daughter needed to get better.

Their concerns were valid. The doctor told them that her injury was not serious and that she would probably be back to playing basketball in six months. They were not to worry about her safety at all. She was devastated that their concerns were not addressed as quickly as they should have.

Now, over a year later, Rachel has fully recovered from her shoulder surgery and is back to playing basketball. She has been very lucky and has gained many new friends as well as better health. She is an example of what can be accomplished when you are willing to persevere. Her story should be shown to other young girls who may be concerned about their health.