Is Buying YouTube Views Illegal?

buying youtube views illegal

Is Buying YouTube Views Illegal?

It seems as though there are a lot of folks out there who are interested in buying YouTube views. So many of them, in fact, that it has developed an ironic niche market for people who are into these black hat strategies. Others would argue that if you truly want to make money from YouTube then you shouldn’t be worried about buying views. After all, those who purchase these “legitimate” clicks are doing so because they are aware that the site does not have any problem with the sale of views. This leaves a lot of folks who want to buy YouTube views with very mixed feelings.

The really great thing is that by buying your own YouTube views, you can assure yourself that you are actually purchasing real views from real people. There is no way around it- views are what make YouTube what it is today. If you are serious about making money on YouTube, then you should make sure that you are buying only real views. This will save you a lot of headaches and hassles down the road. As a matter of fact, there are so many people out there who are into purchasing clicks that they are actually making their strategies illegal.

So how does one know whether YouTube is buying their views? Well, there is not any easy way to do this, but there is one sure way that will help you make an informed decision- buy only your own views and not someone else’s. When a person buys their own videos, they will have a link posted on their video page which will clearly indicate that they are the owner of the views that they have purchased. Those who are purchasing other people’s views run into a variety of problems. For instance, what if a person is trying to run a bot army and they happen to purchase a hundred or thousand of someone else’s views?

The people who run these bots get to enjoy all of the YouTube advertising revenue without having to put in a single dime or worry about spending money on anything or anyone else. In fact, they could possibly live off the sweat equity gained from someone else’s hard work for very little effort. Now, if someone is trying to create YouTube videos to become famous, well, you get the idea. There is absolutely no difference between the two. People who are purchasing YouTube views are doing the smart thing because they will soon realize that YouTube is not the place to become famous, but to actually make money.

On top of everything else, someone who is thinking about going this route should also realize that they will not be able to buy as many actual views as someone who is working hard to make their YouTube videos to become famous. When a person gets their actual YouTube views, it is like a windfall because they are not going to have to pay for anything, period. If someone were to try and force them to pay for views, then they would lose a lot of their actual views. This means that they would not make as much money as they had hoped if they were forced to pay for something like that. Therefore, the smartest choice is to purchase as many actual views as possible because you never know when it is going to hit the million views mark and sell your video to the highest bidder.

Also, when you are thinking about buying YouTube views, you need to keep in mind that it is possible to get people from other websites to purchase your views. You can contact other companies and have them host your video on their site, which means that they will let you have access to their millions of customers for as long as you continue to upload high quality videos. These are the companies that you are going to be able to find by searching for the phrase “YouTube distributors”. Once you do find one of these companies, you need to contact them and find out what they offer. Often times, these companies are going to offer to host videos for your personal use for a small fee, which is all it takes to start raking in the dough.

Another thing to consider is that many individuals will not make money unless they actually get the person watching their video to click on the link to your website to go see what you have to say. In this sense, you can think of YouTube views as free advertising for your business; however, you have to understand that there are people out there who are paying for views to help make sure that they actually get the right people to click on their links. If you are buying individual views, you have to understand that you may be allowing those people who click on the links to go somewhere where they will be unable to get to your website to actually make any purchases. It is much better to focus your efforts on buying thousand views than to attempt to get a few hundred views.

There is no clear-cut rule on whether or not buying YouTube views is illegal, but you have to keep in mind that you are basically putting the financial interests of other parties on the line whenever you are doing this type of activity. This can be a tricky thing to do, so it is best to try to get a reliable source for the video files. If you can, try to contact the creators of the videos that you find to see if you can purchase the video ad space for a reasonable price. This way, you will be able to get as many people as you need to create the videos in question in order to create the desired effect. At the very least, if you are caught in the act of buying these types of videos, you can argue that you were doing so in order to help someone else make some money.