Jake Paul Quit YouTube – Why He Failed

did jake paul quit youtube

Jake Paul Quit YouTube – Why He Failed

Jake Paul has gone from being an internet sensation to one of the hottest stars on YouTube. The reason for his success is in his videos. He is a personification of the American dream and the YouTube video is a great way to make money from home. So, what did Jake Paul do to get all the attention? He Quit YouTube.

You would think that a video where Jake Paul seems to be having fun doing what everyone else his age does would not attract much attention. He has funny videos on his site about things like how he likes to eat raw oysters because they smell funny, he has a video on how he would give up anything and everything just to have a real girlfriend, and he even made a video where he talks about the state of his marriage. There are many funny videos that are probably going to get a lot of views.

People really like to see other people making embarrassing mistakes. People get entertained by that. There is a sense that if they can make someone laugh they can make their own life more entertaining. Jake Paul’s unapologetic attitude about his use of profanity and his ill mannered mannerisms got him a huge following. People wanted to see the inside jokes of a person they looked up to and respected.

What really ended up making Jake Paul a star was not his video efforts. His authentic brand of humor combined with his down-to-earth persona carried him far. People loved that he was able to make light of things and poke fun at himself but at the same time had a genuine sense of pride about himself and his family. When people started thinking about quitting their jobs, he encouraged them to consider it. He knew that the world of work had its problems but he had found ways to circumvent most of them.

The truth is, YouTube was no match for the power of a powerful personal brand. In fact, it was too easy for him to escape into his YouTube video content. It allowed him to escape the scrutiny of people who could tear him down as an unfit father, or a failure who couldn’t get his own message across. He could go there and just be himself. This allowed him to make videos about any subject he wanted to talk about, without having to answer for the terrible actions he’d taken in real life.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that Jake Paul wasn’t going to make it as a professional actor if he stayed in front of the camera. He needed to get out into the public arena and be seen by the general public as someone who was living his dream. This was the time when he decided he was going to quit YouTube. He posted on his blog that he was getting the new car that he had been dreaming of for so long, he had to stop putting the internet to work for him because no one cared anymore.

The people who mattered though, saw through Jake Paul’s tactics. He got the attention he so desperately craved, but ultimately failed at quitting YouTube. This is because his message was not strong enough, and his video content was too focused on YouTube traffic, rather than building a following that would truly respect him as an entertainer. His follow up video content tried to fix the problems he had with quitting YouTube, but again, people were savvy enough to see his real agenda.

So where does he go from here? He has to find another outlet for his voice, where he can be heard without having to deal with the constant harassment that YouTube sends its users. He also needs to ensure that his next project gets the respect it deserves. Getting the respect from those watching his videos will be his new goal, and he has to ensure that he reaches that goal before he decides to quit YouTube altogether. He has to remember that his time on YouTube was his last chance, and he had to make the most of it.