Mass Shooter Video Highlights – Will From Survivor

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Mass Shooter Video Highlights – Will From Survivor

“Will from Survivor” is a video from YouTube that was made by someone who survived a mass shooting at a school. This video has received over two million views and is gaining more everyday. You see in the video, a little boy says goodbye to his teacher and walks away as a blood spatter appears on his leg. The teacher then runs after the child saying something to the effect of “you’re going to die today”. The child then runs towards a bullet-riddled area in the school, which is being cleaned up by a fire crew.

In the background you can hear an emergency call come in, telling the mass shooter has taken multiple victims. The boy is carried out of the classroom by emergency workers while screaming and crying. The mass shooter then enters the school and kills the two teachers and a third person who was in the office. He then enters the school library where he kills one more student before entering the school cafeteria and kills a student in his seat. After killing all of the students in the school he turns and shoots himself in the head killing himself as well.

If you will watch this video over again you will note several differences. It is quite obvious the children on the left side of the screen are alive and do not run for safety as soon as the mass shooter opens fire on the right side of the screen. There are also survivor videos showing a woman on the right side of the screen who is screaming and trying to get her kids to safety. These videos are captioned as coming from survivor Samimeo.

The only problem with these survivor videos is the information is fuzzy and sometimes difficult to understand. The children are unedited and do not look like they are interviewed. Some of the survivors on both sides of the aisle are shown bleeding. Sometimes in the videos it is not clear whether or not the mass shooter shot themselves or if they had to shoot multiple people. There is no surefire way of knowing how and when these videos were taken.

Many people have come forward saying that they were in the theater with their children at the time of the shooting. In one of the videos you can hear the mother of one of the girls say, “he shot my baby in the leg”. This alone is a disturbing enough story on its own but add to the confusion by hearing a grown woman talk about what happened and what she saw the shooter does. Then you have to wonder how many other people were injured and if those people were saved as well.

Will from Survivor YouTube has some interesting facts and footage. It is unclear when he was recorded, but he appears to have been active during the shooting. He is seen running away from the scene with his hands raised. Other people are in apparent shock as he walks up to them and appears to aim his gun at them. In one video a man screams out loud saying he has been shot and is dying while another mass shooter holds the other victims down while he kills them with more shots.

All the videos and photos seem graphic and it is easy to see why people have called in the help of a trained professional like Will From Survivor. The information is important and you must consider how credible these videos are. If you Google Will From Survivor you will find many results where he is described as a mass shooter. Will From Survivor is actually a real person and not someone who is simply exaggerating what happened. If you want to know if he is telling the truth, you will have to visit the website where he is featured and see for yourself.

At the time this article was written, there have been over 100 videos posted on YouTube with Will From Survivor as the featured personality. You can decide for yourself if this is the type of videos you want to watch or if it would be better to just avoid them all together. There is no clear cut answer to whether he is telling the truth or just another mass shooter hyped up victim telling tales so that they can get more notoriety.