Miami Was Not a Movie – Watch the Video and Find Out What Happened

Will From Survivor is a short documentary film that was released in 2021. It tells the story of an experience that was relatively traumatic for young Will (played by Mike Epps) after his family members were brutally killed in a car crash. His experience resonates with many young men and women as it is so common amongst families who lose someone to death. Will and his girlfriend have been trying to forget what happened but the haunting images that they see in their mind’s keep calling back to their traumatic experiences. As he searches for the key to win his ex-girlfriend’s heart back, Will makes the difficult choice to consult the Internet for help.

will from survivor youtube

Will from Survivor YouTube provides the link that the viewer must follow to find the video. It leads to a website where Will has posted the footage from his accident on YouTube. It is unclear as to what caused the accident or why Will ended up in the hospital. It is possible that he may have been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When Will returns home from the hospital, his father is not with him? Will assume that his father is not ill and is fine. Two days later Will calls his father again to tell him that his father is gone. Just then, a strange man approaches him in the hospital driveway and admits to being responsible for Will’ loss. Will does not know how to trust this person since his father never suspected him of being a dangerous criminal.

Will soon finds out that the strange man is named Alex. Alex tells Will that he is a member of a drug ring that is running drugs across the country. He asks Will to help him find the drug lord, but says that he needs to help himself and has no idea where to find him. Will agrees to help Alex look for the drug lord. Along the way, Will meets his new girlfriend, Amber, played by Autumn Reeser, and he also comes into contact with the mysterious us. The only lead that we are given for the whereabouts of Alex is that he was seen near his apartment.

Will make several attempts to expose the criminal and his associates, but each one fails. Finally, a man who claims to be a friend of Alex’s shows up and tells Will that he knows where to find the drug lord. Will hesitates, but decides to let the man inside so he can help. Unfortunately, Will gets kidnapped and his captor threatens to reveal his identity to the press if Will talks.

The next day, Will and Amber go to the location where they first learned of Alex’s location. They find a badly decomposed body lying on a cement floor. The police arrive and after a brief exchange of words with the men that took Will as a slave, they leave. Amber then tells Will that she has evidence that will get her found and return him to his family.

Will and Amber return to their hotel. They discuss what to do next. Will decides to elude the police, telling Amber that he has to check in with his own job as a chef at a fancy restaurant. He apologizes for his behavior and wishes her a good evening, but she tells him that she already made plans to see him.

In the next few minutes, the Miami survivor gets his chance to speak with the Miami Vice President, Mr. Diaz. Will explain his circumstances and expresses his desire to work again. Before he can get another word in, a heavily-armed and heavily-intrusive security guard shows up and arrests him. Will is taken away to the lockup in handcuffs.