Near Death Experiences on YouTube

There are many videos online that will show you near death experiences. These are often documented by ordinary people who have made their death experiences public and have gone on to become professionals in the field of near-death experience research and filming. There are also professionally filmed videos of these near death experiences. The internet has become a great resource for people interested in seeing these videos.

near death experience youtube

The YouTube website has a large number of videos that fall into the near death experience category. Many people who have died and are undergoing medical treatment, have uploaded videos of themselves on YouTube. These have been greatly used as a source for entertainment and to encourage people to be more aware of what they are experiencing during their last moments. The videos offer an incredibly honest and sometimes haunting glimpse into what it is like to experience death. The footage can sometimes bring people back to the actual incident. They can almost feel the emotions and experiences that were occurring in those last minutes.

Some videos have been received more widely than others. One case in point involves a woman named Ashley Johnson. In one video called Last Rites she appears near death after being involved in a car accident. In the video she states that she has known she was going to die ever since she had been involved in the accident.

A man named Jason Ward died in a car accident just days before Christmas of 2007. Despite the fact that he was operating a small scale gold mining business, people did not think anything of the car accident until the next day. When his body was brought to the morgue, it was discovered that he had suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Police believe that this was the reason why his body died so quickly. This experience has inspired many people to become more aware of the importance of life and of leaving things such as loved ones behind.

Other near death experiences have caused shockwaves throughout the online community of those who have experienced them. One case in point involves YouTube user “Wu-long”. Wu-long uploaded a video entitled “last rites” on YouTube. In this video he tells the story of how he was visited by several spirits after accidentally killing his dog. The spirit he visited was one of the members of the Buddhist death team. While some of the voices heard in this video are of the deceased members of this team, none of them can be identified.

Many death experiences on YouTube are indeed genuine. However, there is also an abundance of faked or exaggerated videos on this site. For example, one person claiming to have had an out of body death experience uploaded a video which showed him strapped to a table while a man in uniform appeared to be taking his blood. This was promptly picked up by various hoaxers who were looking for people to buy their bogus products.

Other people have had near death experiences which seem to be genuine but which cannot be verified. One such case involved YouTube user “Amenorr”. In Amenorr’s video he claims that he jumped from a window in order to save his life. It is however doubtful that he actually did jump from the second story window, as it would be difficult to imagine how he could have reached the ground given his weight.

There are many YouTube videos out there of near death experiences. However, as with anything on the internet there is no way to really verify the validity of these videos before jumping to any conclusion. A cautionary reminder is therefore recommended. If you have any doubt about whether an online experience is fake or real, do not follow through. Instead, ask the person who has sent you the clip a question via email or phone.