Obama’s Video on Health Care – Would a Call For an Uprising Be the Ideal Method of Communication?

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Obama’s Video on Health Care – Would a Call For an Uprising Be the Ideal Method of Communication?

During a heated segment on CNN’s “The Lead” last week, anchorwoman reporter Kat Carney made a rather amazing statement. She claimed that the Tea Party was behind a call for an uprising against President Obama due to his health care plan. Yes, the very same crowd that railed against the very government that is standing behind President Obama’s health care legislation. Ms. Kat Carney further stated that this was indeed a secret plan purposely set up by the Tea Party to take away healthcare benefits from poor Americans.

If those in the know are to be believed, then perhaps the conspiracy theorists behind the Affordable Care Act must have set out to create a ruckus just to get the blame. But, can any of this really be true? The question remains whether or not the ruckus over the YouTube video was staged or if it was real. If the ruckus was real, how could they stage it? And if so, how did the video come to be on YouTube and throughout the Internet at large?

Well, consider the fact that YouTube and other similar sites such as Dailymotion have millions upon millions of users logging in every single day. Millions of people putting together viral videos about whatever topics they choose. This means that your video clip could become viral overnight and wind up being seen by millions of people within the hour if you make the right kind of video. If you fail to do this, then your rally against the Affordable Care Act can easily fizzle out into obscurity. But if you do it right, you can get thousands of people to view your video.

The question becomes, however, just what did those in the Tea Party believe that their health care bill would do? They obviously did not watch the video that was purported to be their secret plan to take away healthcare. But even then, they had their own secret ideas for how to get all the Obama supporters to rally against the Affordable Care Act. For instance, one Tea Party member suggested that the government give away all the textbooks to college students in order to rally support for the legislation. He further suggested that the government give high school students scholarships to go to the University of California – just so they could all get free money for college.

Another Tea Party member suggests that the health care bill will create a totally free market for health care providers. Meaning that any insurance company could buy up all the independent clinics and sell health care insurance as a stand-alone product. Wow! So many questions. How could a video on a single issue unite such a diverse group of people?

In fact, these are some of the questions that I wonder about every day. Why is it that some issues are better shared in the video than in print or on paper? How could a video on Obama’s health care plan unite Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Third Parties? Why does the video on Obama’s stimulus package seem to not be a call for an uprising but rather a suggestion by a gentleman who owns a website that promotes health care solutions? How could a man with such radical views be the President’s chief economic advisor?

Yes, there is a good reason why a video on a single topic seems to do better than a whole news report. That’s because the human mind doesn’t pay too much attention when it comes to visuals. We want information straight to our fingertips, and visuals grab our attention faster than written text. That’s why a video on Obama’s health care plan seems to work better than a whole news story: most people are more interested in seeing a man making a silly video than reading about a terrible bill.

If the Obama Administration wants to rally the troops, they need to take a good look at YouTube and all their other videos. A video on “A call for an uprising” may very well be the perfect vehicle to get the point across. It’s just a shame that the Obama Administration is trying to rally support through this transparent play. Perhaps if they just gave the video itself away, the revolution would begin.