I'll Advertise And Promote Your Business On Iheart Radio


I'll Advertise And Promote Your Business On Iheart Radio
About This Gig

I have been a professional radio talk show host/producer for over twenty years and I have a huge national following on my popular online podcast.

I will produce a commercial for your business/organization/cause/book/blog/podcast/etc. and air it on my show and social network...if you want to promote something, I can help!

My show Airs on iHeart Radio, iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher Radio and many other places.

Once your commercial airs on my show it is archived there forever so you will have endless promotion!!!! 
I will send you an mp3 file of your commercial at no additional charge that you can keep forever and use however you wish!


  • Audience Size : 200000.
  • Permanent Post.
  • professional work.
what i need :

Buyer provides 75-150 word script (Describe ur business). 

you can check my last work here .

*I do not promote any sexual/inappropriate websites.
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