Top Survivor YouTube Videos – Episode 11 – Will From Survivor Reveal His Hidden Secret?

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Top Survivor YouTube Videos – Episode 11 – Will From Survivor Reveal His Hidden Secret?

“Will From Survivor” is the first season ten premiere of the hit reality series The Amazing Race. Will has been chosen over twelve others in a raffle to represent the home team in the annual Bass Masters competition. Will’s competitor is Benincasa, and he is competing for the second spot on the team, above Adam. Although he is a rookie at the competition, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he isn’t up to the task, and his lack of experience is what lands him in an early elimination. When the votes are being read, nobody is surprised as Will quickly takes the lead.

A week later, Benincasa is given an immunity necklace by Peter. Will keep it on throughout the immunity challenge, and Peter realizes that his actions are going to come back to haunt him. Will teams up with Julia, a new girl that has been added to the tribe. Julia is strong in challenges, and she easily takes down Will. Benincasa tries to convince Peter to switch but fails, and is quickly out of the game. Will is told that he is part of the tribe, and that if he wins immunity, he gets to keep the immunity necklace.

Will doesn’t think that he is going to win immunity again this week, so he starts working on building his immunity necklace before the Immunity Challenge. He finds a puzzle and starts putting the pieces together, but won’t let anyone watch him do it. During challenge time, Will brings out the puzzle piece and places it in a jar, but won’t tell anyone where he put it. Figuring out who owns the puzzle piece results in Will having to give up his immunity necklace to CeCe Williams, which forces him to reveal what he did.

CeCe is impressed with Will’s dedication to winning immunity. Will decides that he needs to win the challenge next week or risk losing his immunity necklace. Will is confident that he can get the job done, so he plans to have some fun by solving the puzzle. Will does get the job done, but he makes a huge mistake and ruins everyone’s chances at the game. He storms off shocked, but Amber has already made up her mind about the challenge.

Figuring out that Will is on the tribe was shocking for Ben and Sierra. Ben and Sierra had tried to tell Will that he wasn’t on their tribe so many times, but Will just disregard them. Will then tells Sierra that he plans on going to the merge, where he will find the immunity necklace and the million dollars. This confuses Sierra, because she doesn’t see why she should trust Will. Will tells her that he has changed his mind and now thinks that he should be on the tribe, because he thinks they will all be allies.

The Immunity Necklace clue is found by Peter, which leads him to Devon who finds the immunity necklace. Ben stops by the tribe hoping to find a clue that will tell him which of his alliance targets will get the immunity necklace. When Ben tells Tai he thinks he knows the clue and is about to go search for it, Tai tells him not to go there.

Tai tells him not to go there and instead asks Ben to go look for him. Ben realizes that he can’t tell Tai which of the tribe has the immunity necklace, so he plans on going there alone. Tai, however, doesn’t want Ben to go alone because he thinks he already knows where the immunity necklace is. At the immunity necklace camp, Peter reveals that he picked the lock and got inside by himself, but now he needs the lock pick to get out.

Will tells Sierra and Ben that he plans on finding the immunity necklace and giving it to either Devon or Jacinda. On the day of the Immunity Challenge, Ben gets nervous when he sees Devon. He runs off to his hidden immunity necklace stash to get more honeymoon scrubs, but when he gets home, he finds a note saying that Ben needs to get ready for the challenge. Before he can do that, though, Peter gives him the clue and tells him that he better finish his plan or he’ll have to wait until the next Tribal Council.