transcendental meditation YouTube Videos

transcendental meditation youtube

transcendental meditation YouTube Videos

Transcendental Meditation involves concentrating on the present moment and this is done through a series of meditations using a variety of techniques. The first in this series is to clear the mind. The goal of this exercise is to allow the mind to settle without thoughts arising, which will result in the formation of a clear mental picture. This picture can be used as a stepping-stone to transcendental meditation. It may also be used to assist in achieving spiritual insight.

The second phase in this process deals with the use of imagery. A combination of still images and natural sounds are used to assist in entering the state of consciousness. When this is completed the meditation is completed. Transcendental meditation can be started by watching a video called ‘The Secret’ on YouTube.

The third stage involves using the stillness created by the imagery in conjunction with the guidance offered in the second stage. When this is done, the mind is said to have entered ‘benevolence.’ This can be achieved by closing the eyes. As this is done, the first chakra (a.k.a. head) begins to open.

The fourth stage brings into play the stillness of the eyes while the mind shifts to the center of awareness. Attention is then focused on the crown chakra, which helps to center and solidify the mind. Meditation is done while breathing in through the nose while keeping the chest completely open. Breathe out through the mouth while watching the rising and setting of the sun. Transcendental meditation can be continued by repeating a word, phrase or short line of text.

The fifth and final stage in this process involves an increase in awareness. This can be achieved by closing one’s eyes and focusing intensely on the breath. It can also be achieved by closing one’s eyes and focusing intensely on a mantra or sound. Transcendental meditation can be used as a tantra catalyst, which means that it initiates the process of kundalini. In tantra, energy is channeled from the base of the spine up to the crown chakra; this energy is then transformed and utilized for tantric purposes such as arousal of sexual energy and spiritual growth.

Some of the videos used in transcendental meditation can be a little too “dull.” Some videos focus on chanting while other video players only emphasize deep breathing. I’ve found that the best transcendental meditation videos are those that include a spiritual explanation of the process, an affirmation of the process being beneficial and an emphasis on spirituality.

You’ll also want to look for a resource that offers a free download, which has already been formatted so that you can view it right away without having to convert it. This should also be accompanied by instructions, audio files, photos, video clips, or any other kind of demonstration or explanation of what the video is intended to convey. Often the most effective demonstrations come from someone who is well versed in the subject matter and who has made a lot of personal sacrifices in order to devote their time to studying and practicing this kind of work. They should be able to offer you not only an understanding but also an actual example or personal experience that they have gained from doing this.

Finally, when it comes to Kundalina, there are many websites online that can give you tips, references and even videos to help you along. The biggest problem with trying to find a website, however, is the sheer number available. Some of them are legitimate, but others are not. Take some time to weed out the scam sites and the less-than-trustworthy websites before you settle on a source. The spiritual payoff from working with this ancient method far outweighs the amount of work you need to put in!