Video of a Massive Traffic Accident

Did you know that there is a Will From Survivor YouTube video clip featuring the testimony of an amateurish camera crew who attempted to film law enforcement officials during a fatal traffic accident in Riverside, California? Apparently these amateurish video crew were part of a group called Save The Lives. They claim in their video that they were just doing some investigative reporting and accidentally caught a cop in the act of negligence while making a traffic stop. Their story sounds pretty logical, doesn’t it? It involves an amateurish movie crew that was unwittingly filmed by the police.

will from survivor youtube

Well if you watched the video yourself, you can tell they were probably faking it. It’s not like they could have been carrying around some professional video equipment. Besides, the traffic accident was on a major freeway and there must have been many other vehicles traveling at a higher speed or risk of being hit head on by another vehicle. The officers that stopped them that day were professionally competent and the man in the middle of the road who was killed didn’t look like he was going to be hit. So obviously their story doesn’t hold any water.

But wait, there’s more. You might also find it interesting that the one in the video is the same guy who is on the hit-and-run charge. He now claims that he wasn’t thinking about the other drivers when he hit them. I can tell you this, if he had been thinking about other traffic accident victims, he would have done a little research before he put his own life in that precarious position. He likely did not even know the other driver was dead at the time.

Another interesting tidbit is that the guy in the middle of the video, who is in obvious pain after being run over by the police car, is identified as a drug addict. Who knows what he was doing with his dealer drugs prior to getting hit by the cop car? Or how long he had been selling those illegal narcotics for. Did he get any of the proceeds from the sale?

The other interesting thing I noticed about this YouTube video is that Will From Survivor has made quite a few appearances on the Internet already. He’s shown up at least a couple times. Does he have an official website, or is he just some dude in a wheelchair who is always in need of money? No one knows where he is, and it appears he hasn’t paid any taxes in years. Maybe he is a government clinger just trying to make a name for himself.

Whatever, it’s pretty disturbing to see these videos being circulated on the Internet. The first thing you’ll notice is the number of “I just saw” videos. The next thing you’ll notice is the total lack of emotion in these videos. They’re all about the victim or the injured party.

It looks like Will From Survivor is a man who has been hit by a car and doesn’t seem too concerned about what he’s got on his back. He seems not to be bleeding at all. His friends are filming his injuries, but he doesn’t show any sign of injury. In one video he’s standing up and asking how his friend is, while in another he’s lying on the ground. Apparently he didn’t visit the doctor because he didn’t think there was any physical damage to his back. In one video he can clearly be seen waving for help, but obviously has no idea how to get there.

There is one other thing that sticks out about Will From Survivor YouTube videos. You can tell that someone who has been in a serious traffic accident is in a bad mood before and after the video was released. This is understandable since most traffic accident victims aren’t really in a good mood when they get hit by a car. Hopefully one day YouTube will make a category dedicated to videos from the aftermath of a traffic accident.