Video Shows “Will From Survivor” Is Scary

“Will from Survivor” is an interesting YouTube commercial that has been making the rounds on the internet for the past few weeks. In the short two minutes and fifteen second video, contestant Geoff Barnes explains what he is going to do in the contest. Then at the ten second mark, he reveals his full name, where he lives, and tells us that he is a certified nurse. So, clearly there are some impressive skills here.

will from survivor youtube

So, how did this happen? How did this loser get to be so good at playing Survivor? It seems that it was a lot of practice. There must have been many lessons learned during his time playing the game. The YouTube video tells us part of the lesson.

As I said, Will from Survivor is a contestant on MTV’s reality series. He appears alone and is introduced by his real name, Geoff Barnes. From the very beginning, we can tell that something is different about this contestant. His accent is strong, he is confident and sure of himself, and even when he is speaking to small children in a clip we watched earlier in the show, he comes off as genuinely nice and fatherly.

It is when his relationship with the other people on the show begins to deteriorate that we see the real talent hidden beneath the confidence. Will from Survivor tells people that he loves them, but there are moments when these statements are blatantly obvious. Then, there is a moment when he fakes an injury so that he can’t vote against Ben Dover. These moments, and others, make us wonder what kind of person wins competitions like these. Is he a loving boyfriend, husband, son, or daughter?

The answer might surprise you. No, it isn’t Devon Sawa, who played the game alongside Will from Survivor. Survivor was one of the final shows on MTV before its move to Vh1. So, it wasn’t an audition for the part of the Survivor player on the show. Devon was simply someone who didn’t want to get hurt while filming the series.

So, why does this YouTube video seem so disturbing? Because many people are sharing it throughout the Internet. There are fans of the show expressing their opinions about how upsetting it is, and more importantly, they are sharing links to the video on message boards and blogs. Some of them are repeating the disturbing message, while others are replying to the video, to show support for and solidarity with Will from Survivor.

Will from Survivor has become something of a celebrity among those who enjoy this reality television show. Even though he doesn’t have any major roles in the upcoming season, his name keeps popping up as messages on message boards. Some people are upset that he was cut from the show, and they are supporting his removal from the cast. Other people are calling him a liar and saying that he should just give up because he is not a good enough actor to play the part of a Survivor contestant. It all depends on who you talk to. It really doesn’t matter what others think about Will, because he still has a following of people who are definitely disturbed by what they saw on TV.

All in all, Will from Survivor is a disturbing video. The scenes are disturbing enough, but some people are going to be upset about seeing him on video making sexual advances on women. Whether or not these allegations are true or just fabricated by an overzealous publicity hound, will probably never be known. However, viewing the video is something that most people will decide is worth looking into, at least for the sake of entertainment. For some people, seeing disturbing videos on the Internet is more important than actually knowing if the information being presented is true or not.