Want to Know What the Law states Everyone Must Know About Wanted Dead Or Alive?

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Want to Know What the Law states Everyone Must Know About Wanted Dead Or Alive?

We are so excited to see videos from People’s DailyXposure that show what is going on at the Baltimore courtroom during the trial of Officer Caesar Goodson. There were times you could almost smell the tear gas. In addition to the smoldering canister of tear gas, there was a propane canister in the courtroom and this may have started some of the confusion. There were also flashlights available to use in the courtroom but there were no police around to give the cameras a live feed. There were no blood stains on the carpet, nor any sign of struggle.

We have all seen the viral videos from other courts, including one where a young boy swings on a chair and hits his head on a table. Other courts seemed to be more alert to the taunts that passed through the microphone as it live streamed into the courtroom. It is hard to take a person with such hate in their heart, to look so calmly in the eyes of someone they just want to hurt. This is one of the most terrible videos anyone could ever watch.

Of course, there were many other videos that crossed the line. Some people made fun of the victims, threw things at them, called them names, and even said nasty and horrible things about their deceased loved ones. The Baltimore courtroom was not immune to this type of behavior. It was the entire courtroom that was disgusting.

It is disturbing that people would sit and watch this type of video while everyone is sitting in the courtroom or watching the video in their own homes were concerned with how the defendant had pleaded guilty to his charges. This type of video feeds on to the internet and then thousands of people are able to view this sickening video. This type of behavior is reprehensible and needs to be stopped. Not only does a criminal need the ability to defend himself, but a judge and a jury have to look at all of the evidence and come to a justifiable conclusion. This is not what happened in the Baltimore courtroom and those whooped it up on YouTube because the victim in this case did not have the ability to defend himself.

The fact that people want to watch the Baltimore courtroom let alone the disgusting behavior exhibited by the members of the jury should tell you all you need to know. This type of video feed into the internet every single day and it is disgusting. Many people do not realize that children as young as two can view these types of videos. The fact that some people want to watch this video says much about the mentality of society.

People want justice and they want to see a person pay for their crime. When people witness acts of violence on a daily basis, some people only think about the criminal and do not give any consideration to what the victim was going through. We all have people in our society that we care about but in this world there is only so much that we can do to help out the victims of these types of crimes. It is no longer okay to take advantage of a victim and steal from them because society allows this to happen every single day. We all have the right to speak out against such things, but in this day and age it is not always possible to put a stop to it.

People want to see justice done in this life and when they see these types of sickening videos on the internet; they want to see justice acted upon. Society does not seem to be able to live up to its obligations to the victims and the ones who are accused of these crimes. There are so many people who are willing to do what ever it takes to come to the aid of the innocent and they should not have to suffer because other people want to glorify the act of killing as well. Society needs to pull together and do everything that is necessary to bring about justice and fair trials. This is the only way that justice will be properly served.

We live in a free country, so people have the right to speak their minds and express all that they feel without being discriminated against for it. This is what America was founded on and if we allow people to make hateful comments online against those who are under fire; then why are we allowing them to desecrate human life? The best way to get justice is through the legal system, which is not allowing the justice system to work in this country. Please consider all this in 2021.