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The new cartoon on Nickelodeon, the hit show, The Simpsons, has one of its characters, Bart Simpson, as its lead character, and with great success. The show became so popular that it was cancelled after the sixth season, but a special episode, “Simpson and the Secrets of Monkey World”, was made to fill in the gap. The first season ended with a fantastic episode, “Homer vs. the Monkeys”, which became the longest running show in television history. Here we take a look at a clip from that very special episode.

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In the third episode, “pring roll”, Homer is trapped on an island with his family, while Lisa is captured by Groundskeeper Willie. Homer prepares for a large battle with Groundskeeper Willie, but gets distracted when Mr. Simpsons falls off a mountain. Homer races to the top of the mountain, but falls again, this time into a huge pool of water. Lisa is dragged underwater, but before she can become unconscious, Homer dives in to save her. After saving her, he finds himself trapped under the ocean with only Lisa for company, and he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice, swim out to sea with her to rescue her.

So, what exactly did Homer do in this episode of The Simpsons? Well, according to the TV show creator, Michael Connelly, the characters Homer, Bart and Maggie are in a place where they are so far in love, they’re ready to get married. He also confirms that season 7 will pick up shortly after this next episode. It’s pretty sure that the writers are planning to have Homer propose to Maggie in the very near future.

So, in this video, Homer is seen in bed, asleep and reading the newspaper. He then proceeds to do the classic thing, run to the door of his home while proclaiming that he has to go to work. Once there he gets in his car and drives away, but gets caught by someone who recognizes him as Homer. Homer immediately states that he’s not sure if he’s at work or at home, but the clerk tells him that Homer is indeed at home, which prompts Homer to ask where he can find Maggie. Maggie is nowhere to be found, however when Homer gets back home, he sees that Maggie has moved to Springfield. The TV show narrator then explains that Maggie and Homer were married in April of 2009, after they kissed each other on the cheek during an episode of The Simpsons.

Prior to going any further, we must point out that The Simpsons have made more than 50 television series spanning over episodes, and counting. Therefore, it’s highly likely that the official Homer and Maggie Simpson YouTube channel have already uploaded many of their various cameos throughout the years. There are also other visual clips from previous television series, most notably when Homer was a college student in third grade, or when he and Bart Simpson were attending school in the third grade. Additionally, there are still numerous videos from the first year of the show, like one featuring Lisa Simpson playing her wooden piano (which you can see in the video section), and another where Homer burns his finger on the barbecue grill (you can see in the video section). Regardless, those are two clips from the past seasons of The Simpsons, which were likely used in some form or another in the viral marketing campaign.

Since April of 2009, Homer has been featured in numerous online videos. In fact, these clips have been featured in Google News, Yahoo! Answers, AOL Search, Quizilla Search, AOL Answers, MySpace Live, and a multitude of other websites. Although, it is not clear why the Homestar Runner YouTube channel and/or the site associated with it have become such a popular resource for internet marketers. Perhaps it is because Mr. Richter has such a large body of followers. Or perhaps it is because Springfield is located in every single state in the country.

There are also numerous articles written about the viral marketing campaign. For example, one article claims that there was an Easter egg hunt after the finale of the fourth season of The Simpsons. The article claims that this was the first time that such an event had been held after the series ended. Another article claims that there is a tie between The Simpsons and Halloween. That the theme of the Easter egg hunt directly relates to the holiday that falls on September first each year.

Other articles claim that the reason for the popularity of The Simpsons and the homestar runner is that it provides a chance for youngsters to escape into their own personal worlds. These characters provide the only role models they may have and escape into worlds that they created for themselves, like for instance creating a world in which Homer is President of the USA, and Lisa is a home schooled girl from Springfield. It is these characters that are generally considered to be the reason for the popularity of the show.