Watch Your Video in iTunes – Creating Playlists

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Watch Your Video in iTunes – Creating Playlists

How many hours per minute do you spend watching your video? Are you wasting time or are you wasting money? Your answer can be very important to you when it comes to cutting down on your costs. You need to know how much time you are wasting in order to make changes to your lifestyle and your habits. Let’s face it; watching videos on the web can really take up a lot of your time.

A good way to start making better use of your time is by creating a video description. A video description is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) and the reason for that is because it provides useful information about your website. It also provides a benefit to human viewers because they can already tell what your website is about. The better the video description the more likely viewers will be to find it when searching.

If your viewers are not able to find your website in the search results they might want to view some of your other videos. You can create playlists and recommend certain videos based on keywords that you might want to use. Playlists are collections of videos. You can only add one playlist at a time. In this article you will create two playlists: one for your SEO needs and one for your entertainment purposes.

You can easily make a playlist for SEO by typing relevant search terms into the search box. You can also get people to subscribe to your RSS feeds through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Create playlists based on various topics that you think your readers might be interested in learning more about. You can watch your video landing pages as often as you like but only if you are not sending direct traffic to them.

In addition to watch your video landing pages, it is still important to keep your website alive and going. You want to have subscribers to your blog or newsletter, and you want to get people to visit your social media profiles and sign up to your list. If you go live too early, the chance that someone will actually sign up to your list is small.

One way to encourage sign ups and to grow your list is to create an ad for each of your subscribers. You can create a short movie ad or even a longer video ad. You can watch your video ad longer if you want to. The idea is to give your subscribers a reason to watch your ad when they are bored or have a few minutes to kill. They might not watch your full ad, but they will watch the parts that interest them.

The last way till you get subscribers to your blog or newsletter is to put in your subscribers’ e-mail address on your website’s right corner. You can put it at the bottom or the top of the right corner, so the most people can see it. This can also be useful if you have a YouTube channel. Place your e-mail address there, so that every time you make a new video it will be available to your subscribers.

Now that you have learned how to watch your video in iTunes, create playlists for your channel and iPhone/iPod touch. Do not just limit yourself to watch videos on your channel; add plays to other playlists as well. It might sound like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. Playlist creation saves you so much time that you might even be able to do more things than watch your videos!