Watch Your Video Landing Pages on Social Media to Grow Your Business

Watch your video for free. If you have a well-designed business video or sales pitch, you can submit it to numerous online video directories for one low fee. Video listings are free and easy to use! There are many other formats and video file formats available on the internet for free, so don’t be shy – use them! Your viewers will thank you. Here’s how…

watch your video

Embed YouTube and Vimeo links on your website. The title and summary of your actual video are all part of the video metadata. These vital pieces of data appear in search engine results, on video landing pages, and in social networking profiles (such as Facebook and Twitter). By including an html link to your website in the description and title of each video, you’ll prompt more viewers to watch your video. For example, include “watch on YouTube” at the end of your promotional videos.

Include relevant keywords in your video description. The search engines value the relevance of the keywords used in a video description above all else. Keywords should be in your metadata and in the video description. You want people searching for the service or product you’re promoting to find it when they do a search.

Build a community around your channel. As your live stream and video content become more popular, you will attract a new set of subscribers to your channel. These subscribers may be interested in the same service or product you provide, but not necessarily interested in watching your videos. A great way to attract new subscribers is to create a community around your channel. Make it easy for your subscribers to subscribe to your feed by encouraging them to share your channel with others.

Encourage people to comment on your videos. By encouraging people to comment on your videos, you are actually creating viral marketing for yourself. By leaving comments on other people’s videos, you will create the opportunity for others to watch your videos as well. It will also encourage people to post comments on your videos themselves, creating even more opportunities for views. If you have a blog or a website that contains your videos, encourage people to leave links to your videos on their websites or blogs.

Use webinars as part of a live marketing strategy. You can create a webinar to broadcast online courses or videos. Place the webinar’s download link on your website and invite participants to check out the presentation. Then, promote the webinar throughout the month by encouraging participants to pass the presentation along. If your webinars are available through a pay-per-view basis, you can use promotional codes to charge attendees for the cost of the presentation.

Host a contest on social media and offer contestants cash in exchange for a code to download the video file from your channel. Again, encourage people to share the link via social media. When the code is added to the website, visitors to the site will be able to register to win the contest. When the contest ends, the visitor who has gained the most points is the one who receives the prize. This is an excellent example of social marketing working for you at an Internet company.

Watch your video landing pages on a regular basis. You want to get people coming to your site because they are interested in your content. When you have content that interests them, they will be more likely to share the information with others. This type of social marketing will allow you to build relationships with your audience, which in turn will help you grow your business.