What Does the Blue Dot Mean on YouTube? The Answer is Blue!

what does the blue dot mean on youtube

What Does the Blue Dot Mean on YouTube? The Answer is Blue!

You might have noticed blue dots frequently appearing on some YouTube videos nowadays. However, the real question is, what does the blue dot mean on YouTube actually. The most frequent thing to notice is the appearance of the coveted blue dot at the subscription box. When new content is uploaded by the creators on their channel, you can usually notice blue triangles in addition to the usual notification of upcoming videos. The colour can also appear next to other words or phrases which usually means that the particular video has been suggested or searched for by a visitor to YouTube.

The latest addition to this is the “new” section at the top of the page. If you hover your cursor over it, you will find the latest added videos which are either the most watched or viewed within the time period given in the scroll bar. In recent times, the presence of blue dots has also appeared near the start or the end of the video. This again denotes the popularity or the newness of the video. These latest updates make it possible for the visitor to quickly locate any related video as they scroll down the page.

The existence of blue dots is also found when the visitor clicks on any of the playlists. The same effect occurs when the visitor scrolls down the page or searches in the search box. This means that the latest additions or the latest videos are always being displayed. It is not unusual for visitors to find the latest comments added to the video and the likes or dislikes of the people in these comments.

Other factors which may also cause the presence of a blue dot on YouTube include the number of comments left in any particular video, and also the number of views a video has received within a short period of time. Sometimes, the dot may be present even if there is no comment left. This means that other people have left comments but are invisible when the viewer loads the video. This is also seen when a video is viewed by someone and there are more than one like-minded person who wants to comment on the video. The presence of a dot often suggests that other people have also viewed or liked the video.

So, what does the blue dot mean on YouTube when the video is zoomed in? This means that the video is closer to the viewer. For example, when a video is watched from the perspective of a person sitting at home, the presence of a dot means that the video is closer than what would be possible if the video was viewed from a distance. The same effect is applied when a video is viewed from a distance but from the same location as the user.

How can you determine what the dot is for a video you like? To find out, just zoom in using the mouse or any other web browser. The distance between your mouse and the middle of the video will show you the location of the dot. Note that you need to have settings for the web browser so that it can show you a nice preview of where the location of the blue border will be.

Now, let us move ahead to a more practical use. What does the blue dot means on YouTube if a search engine like Google is used? When you type in anything on the search bar, the search engine shows you a list of results. Some of those results may not be related to the words that you have typed. In other words, some videos may be showing up in the search results while others.

In this case, we can conclude that the term “what does the blue dots mean on” refers to the quality of the video. It is the standard for video on the Internet. If a video is good quality, then it will get more views. In other words, if you put up something that is not good quality, then you do not stand to gain as much as you could if you had put up a good quality video. This is an important lesson because many people fail to realize this.